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Missing Name Change Coupon?

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edited March 24 in Technical Support
I'm not wholly sure about where to post this since it didn't happen in-game, but I think the cash shop (or the name change form) is glitching out for me. I purchased 10k NX, I bought a name change coupon, and I can't use it. When I begin the process, on the page where you're asked to confirm you've read all the info on the page, it says I have 1 paid coupon, like so:


But then when I get to the actual name change form after that, it says I don't have any coupons at all, free nor paid:


At first I decided to give it some time; I figured it may be a bit slow to update something like this. It's almost a day later, though, and nothing's changed. Am I doing something wrong? I've changed a character's name in the past (it was almost two months ago, before someone asks), and I didn't have this problem back then. I was kinda hoping to have the name change form submitted before maintenance, but at this point I would settle for an NX refund if I can't use my name change coupon, in all honesty.


  • FluoretteFluorette
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    This is something you should take up to the support team via the ticket system. It should be able to resolve your issue.