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Muirias Calls To You

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edited September 2, 2022 in Guild and Party Recruitment
Murias, the fortress of pinnacles

Muirias is a new guild, taking inspiration of the story of the Tuatha dé Danann, and their acquiring of knowledge from the four islands: Falias, Findias, Gorias, and Murias. Our goal is to meet Erinn with the same fervor, to take on challenges, and take on many fields of knowledge. While we aren't aiming to be the best, we aim to enjoy all that Erinn has to offer, from fashion to bashing, and anything in between! We hope to help one another to reach and surpass goals, and elevate the base experience of Mabinogi.

Four presents were fetched with them, a stone, a sword, a cauldron, and a spear.

What we require from members-

1.) A drive to improve, whether with sword, or with cauldron.
2.) A wish to connect, and be a part of the guild.
3.) A mutual respect for your fellow member, and maturity to deal with conflict.

We have no level requirement. However, we expect some level of activity, unless you inform us.

From Murias was a huge and mighty treasure, The cauldron of the Dagda

Like the cauldron which will never run dry, and never allow for thirst, we wish to enhance, and enjoy the game for the entirety of our life together. To do this we will:

1.) Have regular events, and gatherings.
We will host events, taking from the game's already established systems, in order to promote progress or advancement in a variety of fields.
We will have gatherings in which we make our own fun.

2.) Out of game events and gatherings
We will have a discord in which we can chat, VC, share screens, watch stuff together etc.
Out of game events to promote artistic development/interest. (Art, photography, etc.)
Games other than Mabi.

They came upon perfect wisdom

My IGN is: Eiokiyh
My discord is : Eiokiyh#2060


  • PenguPowerPenguPower
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    I might be interested in joining!
  • RobraRobra
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    Posts: 5
    I might be interested in joining too. I have an elf archer character named Robratwo (I deleted Robra since it was a mess) and a human meele character named Aoiokami (just started it).
  • HelsaHelsa
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    If you make a recruitment video this:

    might be a nice goofy piece of music to use for it.