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For a refresher on Moonlight Dreams Event

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edited October 22, 2022 in Game Guides
I'm unsure of if this is the right place to put this, I haven't used the forums in a long time.

Anyway -
After registering, you'll grab the mad cow milk.
Then the mad sheep wool.
You'll find the Juju dolls and "mysterious man" by the founding tree in Tir and then by Rabbie. (Founding tree in Tir is by black wolves past Deian going to Ciar)
You'll need to talk to Huw for the needed fish after you catch it in Emain.
From there, the location of the moonlight dreams room is in Gairech Hills.
(Moon is the answer to the riddle for his name)

For the Pino mission, you need to hit the orbs for the right rats.
Black is all orbs, drops the page
Red is Magenta and Yellow orb, drops red ink
Green is Yellow and Cyan orbs, drops green ink
Blue is Magenta and Blue, drops blue ink

Obviously, you need to hit the rats into the circle, needing 3 to be offered up.
Slim chance you won't get the needed items.

Once this is done, you'll WASD spam at the cauldron with all the items in your inventory to get the page Kristell is looking for.