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Weird Freezing

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in Technical Support
My game works, but often so, my character freezes. Messaging people works fine, clicking on certain buttons are fine, but I can't move or move anything in my inventory? Does anyone else have this problem? Also, if I summon my pet, it can't go back for some reason.


  • NegumikoNegumiko
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    well where are you in mabi when it freezes? I always freeze about 10 seconds after I exit the Shyllien Nature Reserve near Filia for about 5 seconds in the exact same spot every time and any other place is fine. so this could be a problem with your computer, internet, or just mabi. how strong is your computer? for now you could do a virus scan to make sure nothing is slowing down your computer. if you want to check your internet you can restart your router and do a IP release on your computer and then go to a site that can check your internet speed for you. usually lag/freezing in mabi is caused by one of these 3 problems so if your computer is strong and virus free with good internet it is likely just a problem with mabi.
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