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PLEASE READ! Scheduled Maintenance - APR. 19, 2017


  • PolicromaPolicroma
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    edited April 17, 2017
    Tsumuku wrote: »
    @Policroma The only thing that it does to even let you know that your email has changed is send an email to the old email account letting you know that it was changed.

    Up until recently, even long after they changed the email policy, it would still require me to answer an email from my old, non-existent email address. This is the very first time I have seen it work the "new" way on my account. I suspect there are others as well.
  • CrimsọnCrimsọn
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    Guys just make sure your passwords are secure. You can set the Nexon launcher and Steam to remember your logins. It really isn't that big of a deal unless you forgot all your other information...which if you did...

    -pat pat-
  • KryoKryo
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    Will this update include any new events, webshop items, etc? Or is it just a basic (albeit extensive) maintenance where nothing new gets added into the game.
  • JohbutterfliJohbutterfli
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    I already had to use my email for login and I've not experienced any issues if that is any comfort to those with concerns. I like that there is more security taking place for all though. I'm just geeked about the new new coming in!
  • ErorservErorserv
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    edited April 18, 2017

    Going to have to change this to "including your Email and PW." since we're doing away with ID's.
  • Hoenhiem17Hoenhiem17
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    how about all that server lag after this HUGE maint? lol could barely even play yesterday
  • GretaGreta
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    Hoenhiem17 wrote: »
    how about all that server lag after this HUGE maint? lol could barely even play yesterday

    What lag?