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nice going there nexon.


  • Dai_Mata_ReiDai_Mata_Rei
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    i honestly wouldn't mind them doing the FMA crossover that japan got. i mean square enix and the writer of FMA gave nexon jp the green light to do so. and SE and the writer own rights to the title. and if they say yes then nexon na should be allowed to do so. also would be nice if we got nekojima added entirely. not that silly cheesy fake they made called doki doki island.
    Nexon JP stood to make quite a bit of money off the FMA crossover considering the distribution of players on their server. It simply isn't profitable to pay licensing fees to get the event overseas again. They are literally scraping the barrel for profit when they do such a move when you look at the revenue reports of comparisons by region.

    Just glancing at the recent quarterly earnings, we don't even bring in a tenth of Nexon's revenue. China handles approximately half the revenue with Korea leading over Japan in the other half of 40%, then us barely scraping over EU give or take 2%.

    I wonder why that is. oh yeah. mabi's na servers are quickly dying due to 1 poor events. 2 new content not coming quick enough. 3 people going off to other games due to 1 and 2 or in general quitting, and the other games nexon deals with in the us probably aren't much better off due to big games like WoW I’ve only ever played mabi as far as nexon games go I have no idea the state of the other games player bases. anyways I’d started this to try and get the people at nexon to possibly take note that pay to play things aren't really a good idea because it steps over a large part of the player base, and can often chase potential new players away, instead they should do events that draw in more people and draws back the people who used to play. Though for that they need to give up the seeming obsession with potions. Every event has had them lately.. nothing is more annoying then opening an event reward box and gets a potion that you literally have thousands of, while I understand the idea and reasons behind the pay to play things. I’m saying as a player who isn't able to afford nx whenever nor able to earn much money in game due to a failing computer and internet it would be nice if people in the same sort of situation as myself were able to do things in game as well. i.e. give the game some things that are related or just in general give the players events that will encourage players to get on and do things. I am also saying that having several skill sets being broken and not touched while ones that were fine have been updated several times is also a problem. this is also why I normally never say anything on the forums for mabi. because usually I bring up a problem and I get met with people white knighting against the issue. some saying that it isn't a problem when it really is. it's honestly annoying to try and do anything on a game that you've spent 3 years putting time into playing because either a the item required to do said thing is no longer available because it was in the web shop for a very limited time and you missed said time because it was prior to you playing or b when you ask for someone who is selling said item you need to make something to sell it at a more reasonable price you're met with an answer that makes you feel like a prick for asking. For example I once asked someone who was selling iron ingots in dunbarton if they would consider selling them less so that I could buy what they had, and they replied "sorry but 10K a stack is not worth, they normally sell for 80-100k" and that they had already put them as cheaply as they could.. when I had sent the note to said person I told them the item was insanely common and not worth as much as they were trying to sell them for and said 10k cause I figured that'd be more reasonable cause you can earn about that much going through barri. So really, before you continue to white knight things, think about those who aren’t able to fully enjoy the game thanks to the company that deals with it decided to not fix or not deal with things correctly. Also I should point out that they have known the life skill sets have been broken since they had released the gacha containing the items that caused them to become broken. And I know most of you won’t read half this. As it’s too much to read, I don’t care if you read the whole thing or not. I’m rather annoyed by how the game has been managed. It’s been largely broken for at least 3 years and they haven’t once made an effort to fix it. Sure we got updates and revamps to combat, archery, magic, music and the entirely new skill set of ninja and crusader, (which I’m unable to use due to issues with generation 19 and 20 where the game expects you to be able to deal with multiple enemies but the skill needed to deal with them has too long of a recharge time.) Only at 740 or more words now. Let’s see. Any other issues I have with the game. They could also merge the 4 servers into maybe 2 would save them a fair bit of money and would also make playing alongside people easier. This is a long rant, but I’m hoping it gets my point across, Even if half of you don’t read even a fourth of this. Oh well can’t account for people’s lack of interest I guess,
    Could probably make my own game if I really felt up to it I suppose, would probably do me better than sitting here telling you things and having those things go right back out.
    I guess everyone can go back to their normal day now. I’m going to stop ranting, right after I type one thousand words, why? Because I can do so, rarely ever write this much. Should do so for a script for a game, or a book, I could write a book if I felt up to it, or two books, for four, or five. For that matter I could write several
    Ok I’m out of ideas. And can’t think of much more to type so the word count for this post will be nine hundred fifty words exact.

  • SurreptitiouslySurreptitiously
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    For example I once asked someone who was selling iron ingots in dunbarton if they would consider selling them less so that I could buy what they had, and they replied "sorry but 10K a stack is not worth, they normally sell for 80-100k" and that they had already put them as cheaply as they could.. when I had sent the note to said person I told them the item was insanely common and not worth as much as they were trying to sell them for and said 10k cause I figured that'd be more reasonable cause you can earn about that much going through barri.
    I read all of it but this stood out.

    That's the market. If people buy at that price they buy at that price.

    As for your other points, yes, people have said time and time again that the game has issues that need to be fixed. Nothing new, and it ain't news.

    You are attempting to convince people that them bringing a crossover which mind you they had to pay to use the IP for a duration of time, should have free parts when it might not even be entirely in the hands of the devs. That's like asking someone to give you their hat for free. Its very likely not going to happen and you're going to get laughed at for it. They're a company, asking them to become a charity is plain stupid.

    Additionally, people leaving isn't new, the playerbase wasn't excessively large and its been fairly stable for the past few years. Those that are left are people stuck on this game for eternity or die-hards who still have hope. They could have done a lot worse. Also, if the prices on your server are that bad blame the morons and just save up. I've already accepted that there are things I'll never be able to get on my server because morons with 400m+ banked can't learn when to quit bidding on things. See: 300m+ Fierce Ribbons, 60m+ Detective Outfit Fs, and so on and so forth.

    I'm not bashing you for having a bad idea, I'm bashing you for being short-minded and not having a concrete enough suggestion. You want them to put in free-things whilst they do their crossovers? Suggest ways they could do that and it might get sent over onto their docket. Whining in the suggestions forum isn't the solution.
  • Dai_Mata_ReiDai_Mata_Rei
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    edited December 19, 2016
    i can't write out a full detailed method of what they could do because half the time i come up with an idea and before i can write it down it becomes lost. i did say they could try doing other events while doing the cross over sale, sure we have musicq and the stuff that goes with that but i don't do music. also i said they could do events that don't have potions in the rewards list. if you're wanting exact ideas, don't expect some from me. mine are fragmented at best.i also said a method they could use to fix the life skill issue. by creating a wandering shop npc like price that has the old gacha only manuals (i say manuals but i mean both the things for smiting and tailoring since they preform the same function )

    here's an event idea i had just now that nexon could do that would be do able by all players.

    a special dungeon event (like they've done before)

    idea for rewards in a random order givne from the box at the end
    [rare manuals] (as in for both smiting and tailoring)
    [random but useful items that aren't potions]

    can't be any more detailed about that cause 1 don't know most items off hand and 2 trying to leave it as vague as possible cause it's more of a template for an event then anything.
  • mintielmintiel
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    I'm not sure why this thread has been going on for this long when most of the outfits are pretty cheap and easy to get with gold...

    If you want something and you don't want to pay the cash to gach for a shopping bag (which is a pretty cheap price when you're guaranteed a bag btw), then do what the rest of us do and go out and earn gold instead of getting mad at everyone around you that there's nothing free. TBH, even as someone who's not a fan of the series (not that I've seen it that is) and isn't really a fan of how nexon handles their sales, I'm just glad we got the actual crossover content instead of the usual "and this will never be brought out in NA servers" ordeals that we usually get from them. Yeah, I agree it sucks that there isn't an event tied in, but right now there's too many events going on. Rebirth Potion, Daily Missions, Musical Math, Music Association or whatever, Samhain, and then tomorrow we'll probably get Christmas stuff as well. Adding more events probably isn't wise, ontop of the fact that... Y'know... there didn't seem to be any events for this sale in any other servers which everyone's said by now.

    Sorry if that upsets you, but it's on you if you can't go get the gold or the money, not on everyone else because you can't afford it and you want it. When people tell you solutions on how to get it, you just get mad and say it's not fair (or thats what it looks like because in all honesty I have given up on reading this thread yet I'm stupid enough to reply). You could literally take the time you put into your posts here and use that on shadow missions or gathering mats and selling those. Plus, Christmas is coming up, just go take some spare cash n buy a nexon card.

    I feel like I've repeated literally everyone else by now as well, but I guess that's how this goes. Shame that people are still complaining because our version of this sale is soooooo much better than other servers.
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