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Back From The Dead SALE

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edited August 18, 2017 in Tarlach Marketplace
IGN: Analyly
for Quick Response Discord: Melly#6766

S> All This

Been Dead lately xD so Selling some stuff I haven't used/dyed/bored of
Open to Offers/Bundles
BIDS: Higher the Price of Item, the longer the bid will last, (Max of 1-2 weeks Depending)
HOLDS: The Higher the Price of Item The Less I will hold it, (Max of 2-5 Days Will Sell to Higher Bidder)

Alligator Tail


Female Hair:
Halloween Frankenstein hair (F) [IN STOCK]
Ribbon hair beauty (F) [IN STOCK]

Male Hair:
Paris hair (M) [IN STOCK]
Tybalt hair (M) [IN STOCK]
Warrior Hair (M) [IN STOCK]
Hamlet Hair (M) [IN STOCK]
Straight Medium Cut (M) [IN STOCK]
Sporty Cut (M) [IN STOCK]
Mushroom Hair (M) [IN STOCK]
Romeo Hair (M) [IN STOCK]
Soft Perm (M) [IN STOCK]

Chic city stickers eye [IN STOCK]
Innocent bright eyes [IN STOCK]
Stargazing eyes [IN STOCK]
Starlight eyes [IN STOCK]
Heat-filled eyes [IN STOCK]
Observant eyes [IN STOCK]
Determine eyes [IN STOCK]
Rag doll eyes [IN STOCK]
Serene eyes [IN STOCK]
Unfocused eyes [IN STOCK]
Emaciated eyes [IN STOCK]

Playful teasing mouth [IN STOCK]
Small animal mouth [IN STOCK]
Smirking mouth [IN STOCK]
Vigilant mouth [IN STOCK]
Super sour mouth [IN STOCK]
Airy cheeks mouth [IN STOCK]
Dissatisfied mouth [IN STOCK]
Cute animal mouth [IN STOCK]
Mischievous cat mouth [IN STOCK]
Shooting star face [IN STOCK]