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Mabinogi "Meme"nto Contest [ SUBMISSION]


  • CyCyCyCy
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    Hello, this is my entry. Just a disclaimer that I don't mean any offense to Mabinogi's developers lol. This is just for fun!


    How this meme was done:
    Got outfits for two characters (Enn's outfit was expensive!). There is a part near Alby Dungeon Moongate at Tir that allows no-clip. This allowed me to pose the characters on the area north of Tir. I took screenshots while the post-shader option is enabled in Mabinogi. I waited for rain. I cropped the screenshots, added text then combined them.

    IGN: Cyril0321
    Server: Tarlach
  • NexuszNexusz
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    edited February 19, 2018
    vJIAd4L.jpgMiscommunication (Featuring Zombies)
By Nexusz of Mari
  • SibbSibb
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    IGN: Siberry
    Server: Alexina