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LF> Someone with R1 synthesis to duplicate ingots

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edited January 16, 2017 in Alexina Chat
I am currently preparing/in the progress of training blacksmith. The iron ores fragments that I bought and gathered (which are hundreds or maybe thousands already o.o) isn't even enough to rank one rank of blacksmith :( I would really appreciate it if someone with R1 synthesis can help duplicate the iron ingots for me. I will provide all the materials. I can't offer much except 1k per synthesize because the arat crystals and holy water are already a pain to get ><

If someone can kindly help me, add me, my ign is Ken17. Do note me first regarding this because otherwise I will not know whether you are adding me for buying/selling stuff or for duplicating ingots. I don't have all materials yet so this is an ongoing project and I would like to contact the person on a regular basis. Thanks for reading :D


  • ItzuItzu
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    Hey! I might be able to help, though I'm having issues downloading the new patch atm, so bear with me, but add me in game
    IGN: Itzu
    we can discuss compensation afterwards