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Ask a Dev Thread

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Hello Milletians!

As you know, our developers are going to be flying out all the way from Korea for our Mabinogi Campfire event. As many of you are unable to attend the actual event, we wanted to make sure you would still have a chance to ask the developers questions. Comment below the questions you would like to ask the Mabinogi developers. Please try to be mindful of the questions you ask and keep in mind that not all questions will be selected.


- The Mabinogi Team


  • NearlyNearly
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    Ask them when dungeons will be worth running again.

    Also the VIP/Premium update for NA.
  • FroglordFroglord
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    Will Spirit Weapons be updated?

    The erg system, and other related special upgrades make them feel forgotten. I liked how the Momento / Sidhe Finnachaid introduced Enn as a bard spirit. Will there be bard related spirit weapons someday? Maybe upgrading Spirit Weapons through a similar dungeon process like Sidhe Finnachaid?
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  • KensamaofmariKensamaofmari
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    Can I copy all the links from Feedback and Suggestions?
    For Specific Questions
    1. Will there be expansion of Uladh continent and will we ever see Port Ceann being revived again?

    2. Can we get crafting skills readjusted so we can actually make crafting more realistic and practical? Will we see any new introduction of resources (such as my New Metals suggestion) and others to advance crafting/life skills?

    3. Will we see more races added in the future? (i.e. Dark Elves or Dwarves)

    4. Can we get the island where Doki Doki Island/Nekojima be part of our regular maps?

    5. Will commerce be expanded to Iria and other locations?

    6. Will Avon ever be used again?

    7. Will certain areas in Tara (Wine Shop, Book Store) serve a greater purpose? Will Tara be upgraded to attract people to stay there more?

    8. Can schools be revamped to serve a greater purpose?

    9. When will Ferghus' hands stop slipping? (Just give him his strawberry brandy!)

    10. What food and drink do you all consume while planning out Mabi?

    Extra question: Can we get Eiry back?
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  • MhaolMhaol
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    Here's some questions myself, friends and several guildmates have always wondered about. We understand not all questions can be answered, but thank you in advance if you answer or discuss any of these questions below.

    1. Is it possible for us to get Elf & Giant Marriage in the future?

    2. Will we gain new Monster transformations that are not NPC Gacha Transformation coins?

    3. Can we see more older Materials used in newer crafts so that the older content isn't complete overlooked by new updates?

    4. For those players who suffer from epilepsy, have you considered having a Turn-off Flashy Dyes function?

    5. Have you considered separating Pet Names from the Player Name pool?

    6. If We were to get Guardian Guilds for Emain Macha, Bangor, Tara, Tetc, what sort of benefits could those towns have for their theoretical Guardian Guild?

    7. Is is possible to Revamp or Update the Dye Amp Palette with more colors? Or at least include the Fixed Dye colors that are not currently in the Amps?
  • MaiaMaia
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    When will spirit weapons be revamped?
    SaiKensamaofmariHDLinkYour Fallen God
  • NeynaNeyna
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    Will there be any love for fighter in the future?
  • KageitoKageito
    Mabinogi Rep: 810
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    Can we get an IGN wipe of inactive accounts of 4 years or more? so that the rest of us and newer players have more names to pick from.
  • SollSoll
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    When will pons become relevant again for beauty options vs coupons?
    When will we get new homestead decorations that don't rely on gacha? (no, that doesn't apply to life skill update)
    Are there plans to update the older graphics, hairs and clothes to newer standards?
  • ZeoZeo
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    I just have two for now.

    1. Elf/Giant marriage when? I feel like this is waaaay overdue especially since there’s no longer a war going on with elves and giants. Elves also should be able to ride on the giants’ shoulder.

    2. Spirit weapon revamp when? This is waaaay overdue too, especially since they keep in adding context like erg system and more that basically make Spirit weapons get forgotten and not as usable. New weapons including instruments need to get added and expanded on for the spirit weapon revamp too.
  • rjk10123rjk10123
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    Server merge and name change feature happening when..?
  • anthyanthy
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    Just equal skin color options for elves.
  • JazmynJazmyn
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    edited November 5, 2018
    First question, when will Alchemy be revamped so it's not impossible to rank without AP training, skill training seals, or two x2 (complete skill and alchemy) exp potions plus talent?

    Second question, can we please stop failing collecting water in bottles? xD
  • ookieookie
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    edited October 25, 2018
    according to Celtic mythology the ancient Druids were believed to have descended from Atlantis.....with the game in need of something massive, and new, will they ever implement an Atlantis connection into the game ?

    aside from a few animations there really is no difference between flying, and swimming.....think of the new pets, dungeons, quests, clothing, weapons, field bosses....NPC Aer would play a role in it as possibly the way to enter the new realm....a player could buy enchanted amulets from her to be able to breathe under water.....access to the realm would only be permissible with an active enchant, or token....i figure there could also be sunken ships that were caught up in storms (or sea monsters) on their way to, and from Belvast laden with treasure....and dangers...this would be different from a Shadow'd be more of a continent warp, but to an ocean realm instead...would also add a new angle to the Ace character Treasure Hunter, and Exploration in general
  • HelsaHelsa
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    1) Why did the flight update take eight years when it could have been implemented when flight was originally put into the game, and then why were the flight updated maps not made to look proper from the air once the decision to turn flight on for them was made.

    2) What would be required for a full server merge?

    3) <redacted as this is secret arcane knowledge not meant for mere mortals>

    4) What would be required to have chat windows have a checkbox to lock focus on them so that the client cannot steal it when say fishing or performing queued crafting?

    5) What would be required to have a note display the previous note when the received note is a reply?

    6) What would be required to allow race change at rebirth, where race specific skills are "tucked away" like demigod skills are depending on which goddess you support?

    7) What would be required to give Human's a Falcon/Beast like transform as well as allowing elves and giants be paladins or dark knights themselves, where the two transforms can stack; say falcon dark knight or beast paladin, and so on?
  • BronzebreakBronzebreak
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    Is uh...

    is this the place to ask for Creepy/Haunted/Spooky/Eerie? :)
  • AlshianAlshian
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    Posts: 1,230
    This where id ask them when they decide to finally update the hard to look at history we call clothing and armor in npc shops? because JEEZ does it tell a tale for how old this game is just by looking at them and then at the gacha outfits.

    How many decades does it take to make those outfits as updated as the ones being sold to players just to have a High quality looking outfits and armor? and what of the old default hairs for humans and elves? Because this sends a whole LOT of different messages to all of us.
  • SaiSai
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    Will we ever get Ego Weapon instruments? (I've been waiting like 12 years, no joke.)
    While we are at it, do they plan make the Ego Weapon system relevant again in the future? (After I posted, I just noticed others asked as well. I'm still going to ask! fdJ4bXC.png)

    Give combat bards more love!
    JazmynKensamaofmariTwelieYour Fallen GodPectyl
  • GTCvActiumGTCvActium
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    Can we get 100% repair rates for Falias treasures?
  • ShoogShoog
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    Stolias wrote: »
    1. Is it possible for us to get Elf & Giant Marriage in the future?
    Zeo wrote: »
    1. Elf/Giant marriage when? I feel like this is waaaay overdue especially since there’s no longer a war going on with elves and giants. Elves also should be able to ride on the giants’ shoulder.

    Yes please. I hope this is something they will implement someday in the future.
  • YuoichiYuoichi
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    Will we get graphic update or mabinogi 2 ever?
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