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Auction house missing some items.

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I've tried to talk to customer support about some of the items missing from the auction house but for some reason the GM I was talking to had almost no clue as to what to do with the auction house in Mabinogi. Or much related to Mabinogi. Glad that Nexon still has GM for Mabinogi....But they told me to make a post here instead so here I am.
I've noticed some items that you can't put into the auction house and was wondering if it could be added in.
Mysterious robes (Non exp) Only the exp robe can go in the Auction house.
Ornamented Crown. Can't sell it in auction house.
Martial arts Suit. Can't sell it in auction house.
Chef's Passion. Can't sell it in auction house.
Any of the medal podiums. Can't sell it on auction house.
There are some other ones I just can't find them if anyone else knows of other items that you can't look up on the auction house or if you can't sell any other items post here so that it might hopefully get added in.