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HS Magic Harp - Background Music Collection

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edited November 28, 2018 in Feedback and Suggestions
So here is my story, i created a new character not long ago and today i dove into the math musical dungeon and was struck with a nostalgia when the simple yet beautiful music started playing in the background and i just had to sit down for a moment. <3


My thoughts on the matter:
In Dragon Quest Builders i could build a "Lyre of Slime Immemorial" that could change the background music with the music from the nostalgic, 8-bit tunes, and in Assassins Creed, Black Flag you had the option to go around and collect songs for your crew that you could listen to while sailing around the map.

My suggestion:
Let us build a Magic Harp in our HS that let us play various music in the background while were in the HS.
(The harp is only a visual instrument, it will be able to play any sound even if its not the sound of a harp. Its magic, don't ask how it works when it works. ^^")

There are several ways we can do this, we can receive music scrolls for the harp from dungeon rewards or quests or even write our own to add to the harp's basic list of music, and that way we can create a relaxing environment ourselves and our visitors whenever we visit our Homestead.

It is mostly due to the nostalgia to some of the Intro music and background sounds that I've heard over the years but it would've been great if i could listen to the music i want when I'm in my Homestead and change the normal sound that we have today. :)


  • GremmGremm
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    No one interested in adding any thoughts or new ideas to this project?
  • THICCthighssavelivesTHICCthighssavelives
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    edited December 7, 2018
    Collection books contain some music tracks related to the book content. Maybe we could somehow 'add' collection books to our homestead and receive extra background music (and props available to build).