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Compose Skill needs Dans

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Collecting Music Scores from Musical Math does let you extend the amount of data you can assign to a tune, but if you're trying to make a Jam involving many people, with the drop rates for Scores in the end chests being what they are . . . well people just aren't doing that. So let's let the skill be Masterable and add the Dans to it so we can get 3 - 4 upgrades in data capacity, and maybe improve the end chest drop rates for the Musical Math Dungeon. It's not like it will break the game but should increase enjoyment of it.



  • SebasteannSebasteann
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    or overhaul the system, and give use something similar to maplestory 2's comp system... they already have it setup, and to be fair adding higher limits isn't really going to break the game, until they give us so much someone crashes the servers with one song xD.