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Inventory Clearance

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For purchase / offers kindly note me in-game: jekko
or Discord: jekko#5820

[ SETS ]
Emerald's Classic Celtic Ensemble (M) set : 2.5m
[ Hat + Outfit + Shoes ]

Hayashi's Vegabond Outfit (M) : 30m
[ Wig with glasses + Outfit + Boots ]

Count Cookie (M) set : 8.5m
[ Wig + Wig with Hat + Outfit + Shoes ]

Bunny Parka (M) set : 2.5m
[ Gloves + Outfit + Shoes ]

Blissful Groom (M) : 20m
[ Outfit + Shoes ]

Diamond Jeweler Dress (F) : 10m <on hold>
Abaddon Nobility Wear (M) : 7m
Royal Academy Casual Uniform (M) : 800k
Tulip Parade Princess Outfit (F) : 7m
Private Academy Riding Uniform (F) : 8.5m
Bianca Wing Bolero (F) : 3.5m
Crinoline Dress (F) : 1m
Frilly Nightgown (F) : 550k
Elegant Gothic Dress Long Type (F) : 700k
Premium Elf Newbie Winter Wear (F) : 2m
Private Academy Senior Uniform (F) : 20m
Lymilark Choir Outfit (M) : 5m
Afternoon Tea Dress (F) : 20m

Hamlet's Scarred Wig (M) : 200k
Hamlet's Wig (M) : 200k
Brilluen Wig (M) : 500k
Samba Festival Wig (M) : 300k
Expert Assasin's Wig (M) : 4m
Romantic Rose Wig (M) : 500k
Private Academy Layered Straight Cut Wig (M) : 1.5m
Deputy Commander Wig & Monocle (M) : 500k
Abaddon Nobility Horns (M) : 850k
Candy Pop Wig & Wolf Ears (M) : 3.5m
Majestic Knight Wig (F) : 4m
Braided Pigtails Wig (F) : 700k

Vivid Casual Shoes (M) : 2m
Police Officer Shoes (M) : 100k
Cosmic Prince Shoes (M) : 200k

Marleid Gauntlets (M) : 200k
Cosmic Prince Star Gloves (M) : 50k each

Antonio's Costume (G15) (M) : 20m
[ Transport Speed 19 Level / Flash Launcher Damage 12 Level / Lance Charge Range Width (Human) 14 Level ]

Basic Avenger Royal Princess Armor (F) : 7m
[ Grapple Shot Damage 12 Level ]

Fleet Elegant Royal Princess Boots (F) : 4m
[ Lance Charge Max Distance 10 Level ]

Starlet Circle Outfit (F) : 10m
[ Taunt Range 7 Level / Final Hit Duration 17 Level / Marionette Defense 6 Level ]

[ ETC ]
Erinn Resident Pink Bean : 3m
Dark Repulser : 7m
Golden Orrery Wings : 7m
Cherry Blossom 2nd Title : 10m
Superstar 2nd Title : 8.5m
One-handed Sword Stance : 15m
Lance Stance : 5m
Wand Stance : 15m
Ancient Teine Support Puppet : 25m

Assault Crossbow Appearance Scroll : 1.5m
Fine Shopping Satchel Appearance Scroll : 200k
Cross Empire Hair Coupon (F) : 5m
Mysterious Girl Hair Coupon (F) : 15m
Cosmic Princess Hair Coupon (F) : 5m

Illusion Salamander : 2m
Galvin : 1m
Collen : 1m
Skeleton Python Knight : 2m

Formal Eluned Alchemist Shoes (F)
Lined Ribbon Shoes (F)
Ghostly Eastern Vampire Shoes (F)
Premium Summer Newbie Wear (F) ~ 3m
Nosuri's Wiggling Ears (F) ~ 2m
Dowra's Boots

Dainty Corsage
Alice's Ribbon (F)
Nekone's Shoes (F)
Sultry Nurse Shoes (F)
Flowery Festival Heels (F)
Princess Hairband (F)
Baseball Club Headband (F)
Laced Leather Boots (F)
Lisbeth Boots (F)
Millia's Exploration Boots (F)
Nosuri's Shoes (F)