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Weapon Specific Skills

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I know people enjoy having skills for any weapon but what about skills that are specific to weapons and can only be obtained by equipping said weapon.
Dragon Slasher - Barbaric Slash(Charge up the Dragon Slasher to cause a % amount of damage in a 180 degree range)
Celtic Guardian Staff - Guardian's Blessing(Release a blast of mana to heal players by 25-75%)
Celtic Royal Warrior Hammer - Royal Slam(Release a burst of stamina to cause a % amount of damage in a 360 view up to 200 meters away)
The weapons should only allow the player to use the skills in specific conditions though. If they could be used whenever then people would possibly be more over powered.
The weapons should allow the skills to be used when in conditions such as in the Celtic Guardian Staffs condition, the whole party's total HP together is less then 50%. Or with the Dragon Slasher, the player must have less than 50% HP and must be around 3 or more enemies. And in the last case the Celtic Royal Warrior Hammer, the player should be surrounded by 8 or more enemies. There should be a lot more than just those but it should start off basic with higher rank weapons or weapons that are hard to obtain.


  • YangKoeteYangKoete
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    That Cletic Guardian Staff is verrrry gorgeous. I'd love that.