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B> & S> Stuff!

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edited May 26, 2019 in Mari Marketplace
Please note Bellefleur if interested in anything or selling something in my wanted list!


Traditional Giant Wedding Dress (F) - 1.5m (pure white)
Traditional Giant Wedding Boots (F) - 400k (pure white)
Tulip Parade Princess Dress - 4.9m (pure white)
Cosmic Princess Mini Dress - 3m (pure white)
Traditional Wedding Dress (F) - 2m (pure white)
New Semester School Uniform (F) - 1m
Japanese Traditional Clothing (F) - 1.5m
Vanalen Formal Wear (F) - 2m (pure white)
Flowery Festival Strap (F) - 1m
Casual Date Bunny Ears and Bow Headband - 3m

Starlet Circle Outfit (F) - 1.5m
Shard Pumpkin Bat Costume (F) - NMO Already Trade Unlocked
Juliet's Dress - 750k
Special Winter Royal Formal Suit (M) - 2m
Baby Pink Angel Wings - 2.5m
Starlit Bird Perch - 600k
Enchanted Bride Hair Coupon - 1m
Kusina's Cor Costume (F) - NMO

New Semester School Uniform (F) - 1m
Mystical Stellar Dress (F) - 4m

Cute Princess Dress (F) - 750k
Steamy Hot Spring Wig (F) - 2m
Eluned Casual Date Wear (M) - 1.5m
Lily's Romantic Winter Dress (F) - 8m (Dyed pure white)
Traditional Wedding Dress (F) - 900k
Magic Academy Robe for Juniors (F) - 8m (pure white)
Portia's Costume (G15) - 1m
(Minor) Vanalen Formal Wear (F) - 3m
Lisbeth Wing - 2m
Bunny Doll Gift Box - 1m
Bear Doll Gift Box - 1m


Afternoon Tea Sun Bonnet and Wig (F) - NMP (Please sell this to me)
Rose Wreath - NMP
Premium Summer Newbie Wear (F) - NMP
Romantic Rose Dress (F) - NMP
Royal Princess Circlet - NMP
Dandelion Coronet - NMP
Floppy Hat (F) - NMP
Private Academy Braided Bangs Wig and Ornament (F) - NMP
Private Academy Side Twist Wig and Ornament (F) - NMP
Royal Princess Gauntlets - NMP
Royal Princess Boots - NMP

Royal Rose Chain Blade Appearance Scroll - NMP
Pastel Pink Dye - NMP