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Server MARGE Meme Creation Contest

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edited May 9, 2019 in Vault
ALERT, ALERT, SERVER MERGE INCOMING. THIS IS NOT A DRILL, I REPEAT THIS IS NOT A DRILL!! That's RIGHT folks, SERVER MERGE IS FINALLY, ACTUALLY, FOR REAL, happening! To celebrate the upcoming server merge, we are having a Server MARGE(if you know, you know) Meme Creation Event! Now, we've all seen the previous Server Merge memes right? (if you haven't, feel free to post them) Well, it is time to make NEW MEMES since the server merge is actually happening!

Submission Dates: May 9th - May 17th 11:59 PM

Submission Details

  • Create a new server merge meme as a reaction of actually getting server merge
  • You can use the base of existing memes
  • If you are feeling extra creative, you can make the meme to be more Mabi themed (see our example of the Surprised Pikachu meme!)
  • You can also make original memes using your own characters or drawings!
  • Have fun with it!
  • Please submit only the JPG or PNG
  • Submit your entry along with your IGN and Server here

Drawn Meme
Meme that uses a base


There will be 3 Winners for the contest.

1st Place
GM's Spicy Pepperjack Gift Box

  • 11 Fine Reforging Tools
  • 5 Credne's Reforging Tols
  • Enchant Protection Potion
  • Trade Unlock Potion
  • Style Tab Key (30 Days)

2nd Place
GM's Medium Cheddar Gift Box

  • 5 Fine Reforging Tools
  • 3 Credne's Reforging Tols
  • Enchant Protection Potion
  • Style Tab Key (30 Days)

3rd Place
GM's Mild Gouda Gift Box

  • 3 Fine Reforging Tools
  • 1 Credne's Reforging Tols
  • Enchant Protection Potion
  • Style Tab Key (30 Days)