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Has anyone else notices these issues since merge?

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I have recently notices a few issues since the merge. Nao Server
1) I rearranged all my pets and numbered them, But the next time I opened my pet inventory they were all jumbled up.
2) every time I open MY inventory the bags are all jumbled up. NOT where I put them.
3) I reset some of my hot keys and later I got kicked from game, when I went back into game all of the hot keys that I set were gone.
4) my Guild ran a SM last night after Banquet. We all had issues with skills not responding properly.

So I was wondering if any one had the same issues or others that we might need to write support tickets for. Since the merge is new to all of us. Maybe we should all be watching for such issues . I have to say that I am completely dismayed at the game performance since the merge.


  • WliaWlia
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    edited June 10, 2019
    well only thing im sure of is if you set something like hot keys and you get kicked it wont save you have to log out normally for it to be saved least that's how its always for me as for the rest of your problems i have the same thing with bags but it only happened 2x
    as for me rest is fine but as i predicted i have delays sometimes and pretty long once at that...
  • MeaveMeave
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    I hope the server settles down some
    I really like this game I have been playing 5 years come this July and I have invested lots of money in my stuff. I would hate to get so disenchanted that I just give up
    It took me 3 hours to get onto CH 1 yesterday to set up shop
  • MusicatMusicat
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    edited June 13, 2019
    Meave wrote: »
    It took me 3 hours to get onto CH 1 yesterday to set up shop
    You can set up your shop on any populated channel now, no need to go to that "trading" one. I think it's an advantage suddenly acquired from the merge.

    Considering the issues, I've noticed that:
    my skills sometimes don't respond
    Martial Arts tutorial story quest F-slotted skills didn't respond at all (had to use mouse to click them, not sure if it's the tutorial's issue or the merge's one)
    when I got disconnected once after arranging my skill bars, they weren't saved, and it's really that
    Wlia wrote: »
    you have to log out normally for it to be saved
    , but it might also be like that before the merge, and I just don't remember.

    Other things seem settled: bags don't shuffle (besides their position may be affected by playing on a different PC), and even the pet order remained the same from how it had been before the merge!
  • KensamaofmariKensamaofmari
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    Bags seem to be set based on your last officially save exit from the game and resets if you lag out.