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CH2 Nao is broken to log into

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in Bugs and Glitches
I cannot log into ch2 on the Nao server. I get to character selection, select ch2, and then it kicks me off saying server cannot be reached. This is using the Nexon launcher. While I was on ch2 on a steam log in, my pet was stuck summoned, couldn't summon any more pets, and couldn't access the auction house. On maybe a similar note, I made Royal Alchemist and it wouldn't let me change to the title. If I need to wear the outfit, Sinead has no option to buy it from her.


  • NanocaNanoca
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    Getting the same with Ch5.
  • KttyKtty
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    There's a post in official discord. C's 2 and 5 are unusable... c's 1,3 and 8 can't run sm's. also NPC's n Mobs may be missing on many channels. t also says to 'play at your own risk' till they figure out the problem and can fix it.
  • AlshianAlshian
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    With expiring items on the go, I can only sharpen my tongue of whats to come.
  • eikodeneikoden
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    I wouldn't personally be in Channel 2, 10 or if 5 is also reporting problems, then that channel either. I know that the npc disappearance problem for certain npcs (see my post) seemed to originate in ch 2. Channel 10 was also affected by this. I didn't feel comfortable in either of those channels after seeing the npcs disappear, so went elsewhere. I agree with the 'play at own risk' as I seem to recall years ago there being problems with npcs that seemed to cascade into massive other issues?