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How to actually rebirth pets with the new system?

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in General Chat
As the title goes, I haven't yet managed to rebirth a pet using the new system. I have tried from the log in screen to rebirth my pets but some don't have the option highlighted while others have no race to be found in the Tin menu. Can someone please guide me in the right direction?


  • MiliardoMiliardo
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    Open your pet's status window. Under their "Title" you should see "Percentage" and beside that some numbers. Once those numbers reach 10000/10000 there is a button next to those numbers for rebirthing that pet. If you hover over the numbers you can see a list of things you need to do to increase the numbers.
  • IyasenuIyasenu
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    Here's an example:
    I hovered my mouse over the bar on the right side of the Animal Character Window.
    You can bring this up by right clicking your pet and selecting 'View Status'.
    You can also go into the options and add a Hotkey for this function.

    In the picture the pet has 1,600/10,000 of the required Pet Rebirth Points towards earning a rebirth.
    The tooltip you see shows all the ways a pet can earn Pet Rebirth Points.
    In this example the pet has completed 3/10 of the "Keep a pet summoned for 30 minutes" for a total of 1,200 points and 200/200 of the "Have your pet heal you using the Healing skill" for another 400 points, for a total of 1,600.
    Each of these activities has a limit to how many times you can perform it, and thus how many PRP can be earned from doing that one thing.
    This limit resets when you rebirth the pet, though.

    My favorite so far has been "Clear a Shadow Mission with a Pet" and "Clear a Dungeon with a Pet" and of course "Go up a level".
    Go up a level gives up to 3,980 points if you get the pet to level 200.
    As for Clear SM/Dungeon, doing each of those 25 times gives a total of 10,000 points and they can be fairly simple.
    Shadow Missions can get done quickly by spamming Saga I Episode 10.
    Dungeons can be done by spamming easy, short dungeons like Alby Beginner, Normal, or Basic.
    Though you can cut down on the SM/Dungeon clear grind by leveling your pet up before resorting the spamming easy stuff for clears.

    If you're worried about pet summon time limit, the pet only has to be present upon the moment of Mission/Dungeon Clear.
    So you can run through, reach the boss, and summon the pet before beating the boss.
  • BiobreakerBiobreaker
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    Thank you very much! I was so confused since I was trying to use the old method.
  • VeylaineVeylaine
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    off topic I like this quest that mentioned the new pet system it was a kind of cute.