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G16 The Crow's Call Castle Grounds Bug

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After getting kicked out of Rath Royal Castle during the quest The Crow's Call i couldn't leave the castle grounds, the moongate was gone and i couldn't leave through the main gate, the NPCs were also absent.

I changed channels and completed the next quest before taking this screenshot where i was still stuck.


The game was acting like i was outside of the castle grounds, notice you can see Lezarro and the guards outside the main gate. Also the quest points are situated on the outer exit and the other appears to be on the southeast Tara exit. I guess the intention was to have us teleported outside the castle grounds where Lezarro and the guards are standing but instead we are put just outside the door.

Entering the castle and leaving fixed it, i suspect teleporting would work too.

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  • MegasoulMegasoul
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    Tara used to be one single map, but the size of it forced it to eventually get edited down to a smaller size where you couldn't approach the castle anymore. If I recall correctly, I had the same issue a while back with the same generation.