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Multiple bugs - Spirit Weapon Transformations

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edited December 26, 2019 in Bugs and Glitches
I'd like to compile a list of bugs people are experiencing, myself included, regarding the Spirit Weapon Transformation Liqueurs that aren't working correctly once applied to the ego.

1) So far I've noticed from my personal experience that it seems that the flare and flame transformations are reversed.
Reasoning : I applied the flame transformation liqueur to my 2h Ego hammer with Moonlight Dream App scroll applied to it, and it seems to be the flare (From what I can tell, that or it's just incredibly terribly designed flames that look like fireworks all over the weapon every couple of seconds?).
2) Not only that, the hit effect is extremely negligible compared next to my friend who has a feather transformation applied to their weapon.
3) Once I applied the Spirit Weapon Transformation Liqueur to the hammer, the floating spirit orb never comes out anymore. Is this intended? Or is this also a bug?
4) While holding the ego, my character does not stand in one spot. It appears as if his feet are sliding in time with his breath back and forth.



  • LutetiumLutetium
    Mabinogi Rep: 3,605
    Posts: 239
    1. That's just how it looks, I'm sure the better designed and potentially with constantly visible effects will be available in future gachapons and events but the ones available right now are gatherable ingame (after g24 update) save the "golden" one from the login event so they will naturally be the most basic and least appealing visually similar to clothing available at NPC shops in games like Mabi with microtransaction gachapons.
    2. You need to score a critical hit for the effects to be noticeable when hitting monsters, it's this way to prevent frame drops in parties I presume.
    3. Yes it is intended to remove the floating orb.
    4. Unrelated to egos specifically, many animations in the game are like this not really a bug so much as a lack of polish though.

    Everything listed working as Devcat intends, but personally I certainly agree the effects are underwhelming.
    Also you forgot to remove your text mods, the game doesn't show the talent's numerical level normally, might wanna remove that gif since posting modded screenshots is against the forum rules.
  • WallSeriesWallSeries
    Mabinogi Rep: 730
    Posts: 11
    2. landing a critical will show the on-hit effect... idk if other people can see it though, i also don't know at what lv it starts to activate... the size of the effect is very noticable when u use feather or flare, feather is really big, while flare is very small
  • AwwPicklesAwwPickles
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    is it intentional that for feather effect the crit splash effect is yellow even though your spirit weapon is purple?

  • HyotaruHyotaru
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    edited December 29, 2022

    Idk if i'd call this working as intended, the "Little Nova" effect works on crits, but the idle effect is way off from my weapon, floating by itself.