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edited February 14, 2020 in Art Creations
Hi im a newer artist and i mainly draw for nao server. I can take commission for Alexina as well the rates will be slightly different because. Of their inflation . Hopefully that's understandable. Thank you!

I'm Open for Commissions!
*Twitter /Instagram: @Aisufeiri *
Request Form :
Reference: The Front Clear image, Left Side ,Right Side ,Back
Pose & Background: Send an image or You Can Describe
Style: painting/ watercolor/
anime stylized/monochrome
Type: Sketch-Lined/Colored Flat/Colored Detailed
Layout:Chibi/ Head shot/Waist-Half Body/Full Body

Things I can do but I don't have examples:
Gore | Mecha | Fanart | OCs |

✧・゚:* Prices*:・゚✧*

✧Offering Sketch with Flat color limited time only ✧

[ Sketch (Black & White | Flat Color) ]
Headshot : 2m /2$

Waist / Thigh-up: 3m/3$

✧・゚:* Examples *:・゚✧*

Full Body : 4m/4$
✧・゚:* Examples *:・゚✧*

I don't mind drawing
Weapons, wings, animals, armor, and etc: 1-2m /1-2$ varies extra

[ Color Detailed/ Background ]
Bust: 3m/3$

Waist / Thigh-up: 4m /4$
Full Body: 6m/6$
✧・゚:* Examples *:・゚✧*

Please let me know if you have extras
Weapons, wings, animals, armor, and etc

Chibi Full Body (will be colored ): 4m/4$
✧・゚:* Examples *:・゚✧*

[Extra Characters = + 2m/2$ ea]
Couple :8m/8$
✧・゚:* Examples *:・゚✧*

Note me in game :
Shiirayuuki. Server: Nao
Discord: Sunao#9267