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Post your PvP tips

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There's a lot of advice on how to fight, found in these forums, but it's all regarding PvE. The closest I get to PvP is the Tara jousting mini-game, but that hardly counts, so let's hear from the PvPer's out there.


  • NilremNilrem
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    Hit your opponent really, really hard.
  • GretaGreta
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    edited March 23, 2020
    Not worth it, it's unbalanced and overall dumb.
  • NilremNilrem
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    On a more serious note, PvP does have some level of strategy and skill involved. It isn't the best or most fun system but it's there.

    The main "problem" with PvP IMO is the sheer barrier of entry. The more exciting duels come from a variety of skillsets and the more interesting players to fight are all with extremely high stats and at least entry level late game gear.

    The other thing about PvP is that while some more common rules are generally agreed upon (No "Final" skills, mana shield, transformations, etc), some people can be really inconsistent with what they will or won't allow. ie: Some people allow chains or tech, others don't.
    And then you have that one guy that makes up his own ruleset and wants final hit to be allowed

    As for what to use in PvP, I've seen just about every skillset shine at least once from people I've fought.
    You have your more common things like Fighter and Close Combat, but I've also come across someone that dominated the pace of the fight using puppets and archery.

    The PvP people are about as much of a minority as late game content runners though, so you often end up fighting the same few people sometimes.
  • HabimaruHabimaru
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    I cannot claim to be much into PvP but in the current environment/mechanics of things this seems to be what is effective...:

    ① Stronger Gear (than your opponent [talking like «End-Game» material])
    ② Indigo Cotton-Candy
    ③ Stronger Gear (than your opponent [talking like «End-Game» material])
    ④ Spam Final-Hit Immediately
    ⑤ Stronger Gear (than your opponent [talking like «End-Game» material])
    ⑥ More Indigo Cotton-Candy
    ⑦ Stronger Gear (than your opponent [talking like «End-Game» material])
    ⑧ Lock Down Opponent with Fighter-Skills
    ⑨ Stronger Gear (than your opponent [talking like «End-Game» material])
    ⑩ If Any Above Lock-Down Techniques Didn't Work...
    ⑪ Re-Activate Even More Indigo Cotton-Candy
    ⑫ Land a Long-Duration-Effect Frozen-Blast on Them...
    ⑬ Repeat Any/All of the Above...
    ⑭ If You Still Lose to Them Anyway...: Pay Them to «Let» you «Win» (almost like a «scripted» WWE-match)
    ⑮ …
    ⑯ …
    ⑰ …
    ⑱ …
    ⑲ !?!
    ⑳ PROFIT!!!

    ...okay, more seriously, set up key-bindings that are specific to PvP (and get used to those hot-keys placements).
    Faster skill-sets will usually have more of an advantage than slower skill-sets.
    Movement-Speed Potions might help keep you out-of-range if you're using slower skill-sets & need time to load
    (but if they're also on a Movement-Speed Buff then you might not be able to make much use of slower skill-sets anyway)
    There are plenty of Buff-Potions from the Event to use (HP-Buff, Def-Buff, Stam-Buff, Weapon-Power Potion, etc)
    Set your Title/2nd-Titles before-hand for PvP-specific stats... (don't ask me; just whatever covers any weakness ?)
    Ultimately... Gear/Stats win the day in a PvP-scenario of the current environment/mechanics.

    If you still want to «hone skills» (and reflex-actions) then find a Training Partner who will help you practice:
    The purpose of practice is to develop auto-reaction-reflexes for when certain attacks/skills are used on you.
    So, for example, say you want to condition yourself to automatically load the Counter-Attack Skill (or Counter-Punch) upon hearing the sound-effect that comes from Charging Strike and seeing your opponent Dash In, you would have them randomly use Charging Strike on you at random intervals, making sure that you're not loading Counter-Attack (or Counter-Punch) before their Charging Strike is actually activated. Repeat this approximately 1000x in a row until you react consistently and accurately. Repeat this process for all of the other skills/techniques that you want to develop automatic-reactions to until you are satisfied that you have an automatic effective answer for whatever attacks a PvP-opponent might throw at you.

    In the end, who-ever has more «End-Game» equipment is always going to have the upper-advantage, especially if they're geared up & equipped with lots of «Advanced Heavy Stander» stats/skills/abilities/gear/techniques/etc. In some games (like on an X-Box 360), they actually track your «accuracy» of attacks, such that if you throw out 70 attacks, but only 3% of your hits actually land upon your opponent without being blocked/dodged, you could still «lose» the match anyway since the «judges» might score your opponent's performance higher for throwing out only 8 attacks but landing 25% of the time against you (especially if the attacks that you landed were weak attacks whilst your opponent landed hard-hitting attacks).

    Depending on the «rules» that everybody agrees with at the beginning, you can come up with different «scoring» systems, some of which might make the match more «fair» in the case of obviously unevenly matched opponents (barring the scenario where one Milletian has 1500+ in all stats across the board even when unequipped against another one who doesn't even break 100 in any stat even if fully geared up). Whether you want to take it up with and make a case with the developers to implement such things as options to «ban» certain skills/moves/potion-use/etc. during PvP, like they have with whether «Pets Allowed» or not (such as a «Final Hit Allowed» option), you might make a case by asking what else could possibly be more «End-Game» than the absolute strongest Milletians on the server(s) duking it out against each other in something of a Elimination-Style Tournament that could be spectated by the whole entire server ?
  • JJJJ
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    Ice Spear
  • GretaGreta
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    JJ wrote: »
    Ice Spear

    And Final Hit.
  • AlshianAlshian
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    Tip: If no one make a ground of rules..."have fun" :))))