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So, that Damage Boost on Spirits...

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edited May 15, 2020 in General Chat
I was just thinking about the Analysis Enhancement for Spirits. At the highest Rank it's like 10% more damage. But If i think about it, is it really worth investing any Points.
So For example R1 Chain Impale does 850% Damage, so with Analyses 860%. Now with a Base Damage of 1000 (to make Calculations a bit easier) Chain Impale would do 8600 Damage instead of 8500 so... Maybe I just don't get it so please explain.


  • TimefallTimefall
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    edited May 15, 2020
    Nono, you're misunderstanding the application. It multiplies the total damage by 1.10x. It doesn't add +10% to each skill multiplier.
    If your Chain Impale is doing 8500 damage, the 10% boost would raise it to 9350 damage (8500 x 1.10).

    The same is true for the Awakening Damage Boost. By default, using Spirit Awakening will provide a status effect that increases ALL of your damage (even damage dealt with other weapons) by 10%. The ability of spirits which increases this can raise it to a 25% damage boost, and the duration ability can extend it beyond the default 75 second duration. This 1.25x multiplier to ALL damage stacks with Analysis' 1.10x multiplier (to spirit weapon only) for a huge boost.
  • XerterXerter
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    Thanks a lot. I really got it all wrong. Maybe it's really worth putting Points in it.