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Elemental dye amps

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have special dye amps (can dye any dye-able item) imagine having saint guardian armor and the accents crackle with electricity! (this is all hypothetical and random ad)

Fire dye gives a subtle fire effect to dyed area (special effect burns enemy when hit with a dyed weapon enemy+10% fire damage and damage enemies weak to fire +25%)player gains 10%+def 10%+magic def when hit with dyed armor enemy takes 10%+ fire burn damage.those of fire only take+ 5% more damage stronger when paired with fire based skills

Thunder Dye gives effect of lightning to dyed area (special effect when you hit with a dyed weapon +10% of thunder damage +25% to monsters weak to thunder player gains 10%+def 10%+magic def when you get hit an enemy or get hit +10 thunder damage stronger when paired with electric based skills

water dye gives an aqua feel to the dyed area player gains an effect of water granting healing +5% ,def and magic def +10% when hit by an enemy you heal 20% with dyed armor enemy's weak to water 25% more damage normal enemy's 10% those of water based enemies 5% more damage stronger when paired with water based skills (raincasting etc)

ice dye gives an icy effect to the dyed area when hit wearing dyed item enemy speed -10% random chance of enemy getting frozen with weapon frost bite damaged +10% ice based enemies +5% when paired with ice skills it becomes stronger

darkness dye gives the effect of darkess emanating out of dyed object (similar to cichol robe or tara alter when hit with a dyed weapon black tendrills peirce/slash the enemy +10% darkness dammage. when hit with dyed armor change of becoming enteral not hit table 40% chance, enemies stunned and knocked back takes 10% of enemies life,mana and stamina

dye of light gives a holy light effect to the dyed item (special effect Sm or monsters of darkness take 25% more damage others 10% if dyed weapon if on armor +10% def and magic def. burns target with holy fire (apply's holy fire item effect to character and items temp without the dura drain lasts 90 secs.when paired with skills that are light based they become stronger

hydramatic dye gives the effect of green light/smoke poisons enemy poisons the enemy -5% recover for all stats -5% for a limited amount of time all stats if hit with sword or struck by enemy +10% universal damage. can poison enemies who are immune when paired with other debuffing skills becomes stronger


  • DragoolfireDragoolfire
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    I think as dyes, they should just do the visual effects, but i still like this idea!
  • GypsySpiritGypsySpirit
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    These all sound like future 2nd titles that will come out, similar to the ones we have now.