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[EVENT] Pet Expedition Event

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The My Little Pet update has arrived! Gather up your little friends and prepare yourselves for your very first expeditions!


Pet Expedition Event
Event Dates: Thursday, June 18th, After Maintenance - Thursday, July 2nd, Before Maintenance

Event Details
  • All non-Novice players will receive the [Guide] Pet Expedition upon login.
  • Register a main character with Expedition-van Joe in Dunbarton.
    • 10,000 EXP
    • 1,000 Gold
  • This event will require you to utilize the Pet Expedition Bulletin Board Homestead prop.
  • In order to obtain the daily quests, you need to first complete the [Guide] Thrilling Pet Expedition! quest granted upon log-in to install the Pet Expedition Bulletin Board.
    • Your Homestead must be at least Lv. 4 in order to install the Pet Expedition Bulletin Board and your character cannot be a novice.
    • If you somehow lose this item, you can craft it using materials.

Daily Quest

The Fearless Pet Expedition
  • The daily quest resets every day at 7:00 AM PDT.
  • Complete 1 Pet Expedition.
  • You can find in-depth information on how to tackle the new Pet Expedition system in the Pet Adventurer Guide.
  • Once completed, you will earn the following rewards:
    • 10,000 EXP
    • 1,000 Gold
    • 1x Pet Golden Experience Fruit (500%) (Untradeable)

Completion Quest

The Unstoppable Pet Expedition
  • Complete the Daily Quest "The Fearless Pet Expedition" 10 times.
  • Once completed, you will earn the following rewards:
    • 10,000 EXP
    • 1,000 Gold
    • Mini Hamster Whistle (Untradeable)
      • Pet Type: Small, Terrestrial, Rat
      • Summon Time: 117 Minutes
      • Inventory Size: 6x4
      • Does not transform
      • Cannot be mounted, cannot be dyed