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The returned question

Mabinogi Rep: 1,190
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in General Chat
So I've been gone for more than 90 days, took a break.

So if I log into my character I will get the quest for Returned incentive aka the returned title.

My question is, can I save it for later usage?
So instead of completing/doing the quest, can I just keep the quest on my list for a few weeks and then complete it and still have 30 days of it?


  • LenkyunLenkyun
    Mabinogi Rep: 930
    Posts: 10
    Yes you can. You won't be able to use the Dunbarton seal merchant until you do the quest (bypass that issue by using the one in Belvast if you need something from that shop), but as long as you don't choose to take the Returned benefit from the seal merchant, you'll keep getting the quest every single time you log in. I've been saving mine for the past month so I can use it for the new talent this week.