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a problem with me or the bandit bounty hunting

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hi everyone im not sure if this was covered somewhere else and i just didnt see it but recently ive been trying out bounty hunting when i have nothing else to do and i find it highly frustrating i have spent upwards of 2 hours going to multiple different maps and cant even find any bandits not to mention the times when i do find one and it dissapears right befor i get to it , i mean if this is how its supposed to be its really an annoying situation any answers on how i can make things smoother besides sacraficing my first born would be great :D


  • IyasenuIyasenu
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    For there to be bandit encounters to find, there has to have been recent commerce activity in that area.
    If no one has been through there during commerce recently, all the encounters will have despawned, leaving only behind "ghosts" that aren't actually there and disappear as soon as you get close because that's your game client synchronizing with the server saying they aren't there anymore.

    Give this a try, rent a commerce horse and carry just 1 very cheap item so you don't waste ducats and just run around looking for encounters.
    Now, when you actually find the encounters, don't actually activate them like that.
    Go find a few and then either finish the commerce run or click the cancel/abandon button in the upper right.

    Now go back to the Bounty Board and start a hunt and run back to the encounters you "found" during your commerce run.
    This time they won't disappear and you'll be able to fight them.

    It can be a little annoying, but your other option would be to go find a place/channel where you think people have been commercing recently.
  • SyriniaSyrinia
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    hey true story i do this everytime i hunt and it works great thanks for the info its really appreciated