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In game screen issues

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in Technical Support
I am completely unsure on how to fix this though I have recently reset my entire laptop (due to other files and further more messing up terribly) so I've been redownloading whatever it may be that I'm still downloading. Recently when I redownloaded and started up mabinogi I noticed there were some things that were not right the game screen itself was quite blurry along when zooming out the game as well, when I entered my homestead the extra skill slots were being practically covered by the HS window where it shows homestead stones your add on stats etc. is there a way to fix the issue? Also if there are areas in my messages where it might appear I'm catching an attitude I do not mean to its just stressing me out.


  • asnscorpioasnscorpio
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    edited October 26, 2020
    The blurriness is probably with the rendering as it takes a while to load.. or your graphics card not being set right. If you go into your options it should show the video card that it is currently using in-game. Most of the times it's set to onboard rather than the persons attached video card. You need to go into your graphic settings for that.

    As for the hotkeys, you need to go into your options//Game//ETC and set your secondary hotkeys so you can move the bar around. The Homestead buttons are there to stay unfortunately.