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Suggestion: Please integrate equip slots into VIP

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in Feedback and Suggestions
The 30-day equip slot coupons are always a pain to buy, because it's generally the last thing you check before they expire. They provide ease of access to multiple gears without having to manually switch through them in your cluttered inventory, and provide the use of using different talents on demand whenever applicable.

Premium/VIP was recently updated within the last year to include more functions to playing mabi easier. Those being access to combo cards that never expire as long as VIP is active, and active use of the Style Tab as well. It would be very convenient if the function of the Equip slots was also integrated into the Premium/VIP system to make buying both simpler to do at the same time without having to worry about one or the other expiring at different times.

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  • NegumikoNegumiko
    Mabinogi Rep: 8,150
    Posts: 1,011
    as long as it doesn't increase the cost of VIP this would be great. I never really feel like I need the extra equip slots so if Nexon still wants to charge for it they should add a new Premium/VIP option that offer this at a slightly higher price then normal Premium/VIP. this way players that don't want it won't have to pay extra. overall though you make a good point, it would be more convenient if this was in a VIP/Premium option.
  • HelsaHelsa
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    More likely it would be a service above Premium. Having it and other such things such as permanent Homestead Mining Permit and so on. I'd probably pay for that but it would have to be cheaper than buying 30 day stints on top of Premium.