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G24 Shield Technique

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I've successfully unlocked the Shield technique after spending so much time doing G24.
My question is, how does it work?
I see the icon above my head, but it disappears after a few seconds. I also notice the icon pop up next to my other icons.

Am I supposed to see that icon next to other players? When I had it activated, my friend next to me still took damage.

Just wondering how to expect this technique.


  • TimefallTimefall
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    edited November 23, 2020
    It's not a very good technique. I'd say it's useless except in very specific situations. Here's how it works:

    When used, you and nearby party members (based on technique level) will get a Shield status, shown as an icon. The status lasts about 5 or 10 seconds, and then wears off. The first time a player with the shield status takes any damage, the damage is reduced by some amount, based on the technique's level, then the status wears off. That means it only blocks 1 hit. If the player doesn't get hit within 5 or 10 seconds, the status wears off anyway and is wasted. Blocking 1 attack every 5 minutes isn't very useful, and using it on an entire party doesn't help unless they all get hit at the exact same time, since it'll just wear off.

    As for potential uses: at high levels, it can block 10k+ damage per party member easily. The cooldown is separate for each party member, so a party of 5 players (it can't protect more than 5) can Shield the full party once per minute (once per player, 5 min cooldown). It would be useful against any boss which uses a predictable, unavoidable, powerful attack that hits all players. There aren't many like that, however.
  • MegasoulMegasoul
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    It's basically a far too niche version of Shield of Trust, and no one uses it because the existing skills and techniques completely outshine it.