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What is Staff Ego "Spirit Control" upgrade?

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I've already looked over the wiki, but I still do not understand how the upgrade works exactly. Would anyone here be able to explain how it work in more detail for me? Maybe an example too. Any help will be greatly appreciated.


  • MegasoulMegasoul
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    Spirit Control works like Spirit Training in that it adds Magic Attack based on the amount of Ego Points you put into it. Unlike Spirit Training, which only gives a flat bonus of +4 Magic Attack per level, Spirit Control gives UP TO +6 Magic Attack per level.

    The difference is Spirit Control gives you a bonus of Magic Attack based on 2% of Maximum Mana.

    At level 1 Spirit Control, you need 300 Maximum Mana to earn all 6 Magic Attack.
    At level 5 Spirit Control, you need 1500 Maximum Mana to earn all 30 Magic Attack.

    Spirit Control offers more Magic Attack than Spirit Training, but only if you have the Maximum Mana for it.