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The Blue Truth - Talk to Austeyn Broken

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in Bugs and Glitches
In the Memoir quest 'The Blue Truth' I am told to talk to Austeyn and he doesn't continue the quest. He is as he usually is when accessing the bank. I've received and read the letter and that progress is made in my memoir. I don't know why he wont talk about it. I see that the wiki says "You will receive the side quest The Source of the Letter I. Complete it to proceed." but I haven't received that quest either.


  • SyruneStarlightSyruneStarlight
    Mabinogi Rep: 670
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    Have run into this problem as well, definitely not the first bug I've encountered in this update either.
  • JamesssssJamesssss
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    This is also happening to me. u_u Still waiting to receive the side quest.
  • idk if anyone i still reading this post but, the quest is in the blaanid's memorium not the actual quest tab