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I need advice

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I am a female giant and I'm limited on gold. I have a jackal and raccoon cub enchant I need to put on an outfit but I have no clue what I can put it on. I checked the mabi wiki site but it only lists 3 outfits. Two of those outfits are male. From what I saw, I need a magical outfit to enchant. Help me figure out what outfit is best for me. Pls remember I'm limited on gold for expensive outfits (less then 10m).


  • HelsaHelsa
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    Both of those enchants have to be placed on magical clothing. According to the list your only candidate is Selina Open Leather Jacket, which can only be worn by male characters, and therefore your problem. As i see it, you have three options:
    1) rebirth as a male and train that way,
    2) make use of training seals, brionac, trade AP for training experience, and so on, or.
    3) go to Duncan (see paragraph 5), and him lower all your skills to F. You get all that AP back, which you can just spend the skills right back up with, or to borrow from yourself if you're short of AP, but, most importantly, it lowers your CP.
  • ookieookie
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    edited July 25, 2021
    can you use them on items from THIS list on the wiki....

    also some other items like the Shooting Star Robe is listed as a magical item that only Fleta can repair....just suggestions to investigate....not sure if they'll work on them, but it's worth looking into
  • DerringerDerringer
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    edited July 26, 2021
    Most "magical clothing" is race-specific, gender-specific, age-specific, or a combination of those three. The only universal magical clothing I know of off-hand is the Pirate Captain's Suit which can be produced via Synthesis or is sometimes dropped by gachapons.

    Although Jackal is an r4 enchant and Raccoon Cub is an r3 enchant, meaning without Enchant Protection Potions a failure will destroy the item - and you're looking at a very low chance of success for each one. PLUS you need an r5 enchant to already be on the item before you can use either Jackal or Raccoon Cub.

    Honestly you're better off selling those enchant scrolls or dropping them on the ground and spending your money to buy a pre-enchanted piece of equipment off the auction house. Several years ago a gachapon was dropping Raccoon Cub Pirate Captain's Suits, so if you search for the Pirate Captain Suit you'll probably be able to pick one up for 10mil or so. It's cheaper than spending 15mil on Enchant Protection Pots and a lot less headache than trying to enchant it and hating yourself later.