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Make Partners able to Divine Link + Fynni Pet

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As the tittle says, allow us to divine link with partners. I don't know why there is a limitation on this skill for partners but it would be nice to give them a function again. I guess it's maybe because they can hold equipment but I would argue some pets skills are stronger than equipment. Also allow us to Fynn Sync them at that point. If we can't get Fynn Sync on partners at least the Divine link. It would give purpose to my partners again.


  • ChoCho
    Mabinogi Rep: 1,780
    Posts: 198
    I think their purpose right now is more for their gathering bonus than combat. Also it's like a customizable NPC you can dress up and show off, even more so with the interaction crafter letting you give them custom dialogue. I use mine to sell stuff without having to go back to town. Letting them Divine Link and Fynn Sync would be weird lore-wise but who knows, maybe they'll add it.
  • KingEphyKingEphy
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    Did you know that a 'tittle' is defined as a small part of something or a small mark used in diacritics?

    On-topic, I think partners are supposed to be more unique than pets. Their functions are different and as was alluded to, they're not really for combat. people really use their partners in combat situations? o.o;
  • HelsaHelsa
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    Lower level players would use commerce partner for combat, I should think. I can handle banditos now, so I summon my commerce partners for the extra commerce slots then de-summon them for the commerce run. I have both commerce partners. The girl has better dailies but the boy lets you fight while speed boosted. So, I guess they're kinda for combat, I suppose. My butler is for combat because, like, what else would I use him for. My maid is for gathering since they have the clumsy personality which is the easiest to develope. My music partner doesn't fight, naturally. Ran and Rin hold stuff. Man! I got a lot of partners; I should open a law firm!
  • SherriSherri
    Mabinogi Rep: 18,135
    Posts: 2,714
    i'm not sure how this would work lore wise but i'm all for it, partners in general need a rework.. gathering is fun and all but i'd love to spend more time with them and whats a better way than to bring my moon rabbit maid into Feth Fiada? :)
    actually.. funny enough, i recall hearing that butlers and maids can use Int. magic in KR, corresponding to their element of magic they use
    of course we wouldn't get it here though =_=
  • KagenokamiKagenokami
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