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Help me please

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in General Chat
I only just started playing and I'm really confused. I'm trying to summon my horse pet or something but I don't even know how to use the whistle? Or name or summon it? Please help. I can't find anything.[img][/img]


  • stormhammerstormhammer
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    Hey there, welcome to mabi.
    Right click your horse whistle, and click "use."
    This should pop open a menu that lets you type in a name. Pets need names just like characters need names, and they have to be unique, so a name like "Stormhammer" is taken (by me) so you cant name your pet that name. Try to think of a brand new name and enter that into the menu, then click "Create".

    Afterwards, your pet should be summonable from the pet menu. You can open this by default with the 'T' key.
    Click your pet from this menu, and the "Summon" button will light up.
    Now click the summon button. This will bring your pet out, where you can ride it, open its inventory, or have it fight alongside you.
  • stormhammerstormhammer
    Mabinogi Rep: 1,465
    Posts: 52
    For extra info, you can also summon your pet through chat, or through hotkeys.

    Typing "Summon Fluffy!" will summon a pet named Fluffy, if you own that pet. You have to use the right capitalization, because fluffy wont be the same as Fluffy.

    And if you open your pet menu with 'T'
    You can click your pet's picture, and put it in one of your hotbars so you can summon them without opening any menus, really quickly. This is what i generally use.
  • HelsaHelsa
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    where you can ride it, open its inventory, or have it fight alongside you.

    The free horse and eagle have no inventory.
  • aeternitisaeternitis
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    Also, it sounds like you may not have stumbled onto the wiki yet. For me, the wiki is a companion to satisfying game play. I highly recommend all players bookmark it.

    Here's the page on pets: