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Camping Penalties

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in General Chat
For most people that have played the game for a significant amount of time, they would be aware of the following issue, though I would like to vent my frustration at this. Firstly, I am not referring to the exp penalty, I am referring to monster drops.

A brief description of the issue, if you hunt in an area for a prolong period of time, you will notice the drop rate decrease, eventually, monster drops will completely halt. This is noticeable in high level players who can output damage and defeat significant enemies out in the field. During my tests I found that drops occur again after 30mins, but at a reduced rate, and once again over hunting will insight the no drop penalty. Furthermore, to fully remove the penalty the player must not have an activity for a full 2 hours. Let me explain what these 2 hours mean. The time of inactivity means that the player is completely inactive, even moving to another area to hunt will reset the penalty and drops will still not occur. This also applies if the player runs shadow missions in the intervening time and engages in any combat anywhere. The reason for my grievance is because I am looking to make some Magic Crafts, due to the craft highly intensive material costs, it is extremely difficult for me to acquire significant amounts of materials, especially since the penalty sets rather quickly in relation to the amount of materials required.

Please note that the EXP penalty has reset long before the item drop penalty has done so. It is my wish that this system be changed so that certain areas (especially high level enemy areas) be exempt from this penalty, only players that have significant investment in the game will be able to survive in these areas already, there is no need for such a rule to exist in those areas.


  • AlmostNotsuperAlmostNotsuper
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    Why not put this in suggestions? .-.
  • PannyaPannya
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    edited April 6, 2017
    the problem with magic craft was pretty obvious and they still implement that restriction, i don't think they actually give a **** about it. log off penalties are a pretty big problem too, the game punish ppl for d/c that is extremely unfair, ppl cant control when they d/c.
  • GretaGreta
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    Well, it's been years and i never understood why they made this. Is it because of botters?

  • CaptmuffinzCaptmuffinz
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    edited April 6, 2017
    Well... It was clearly was botter problem. Just think it like one of those every day group of mmo botter camping one area. Killing non stop. Just for item looting and exp gain. There was group of people was asking nexon to stop botter any way. There was a video talk about botter and people on forum talk about it. Want it to end. But it work on stopping the botter and it cause problem to user any way. But those was like years ago.