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looking for friendly and helpful guild no drama

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edited April 11, 2017 in Guild and Party Recruitment
I'm a returning player on mabinogi. B)

I'm new to the updates and differences there is in mabinogi I came back to celebrate the nine years of having an account on there and I'm on a break with college figure I get back into it.

I got kick for my long absent of course not the first time. So, this time I'm looking for a guild that understands college's life and work days to the point I won't get kick for not playing for a while or for my internet and billing troubles in real life. as well as work schedule.

Therefore, looking for a guild creator that in college that understand how busy it can get or one that preferably have a busy life like me to understand the troubles of real life and it's lemons.

I just started a giant character for the first time and a returning human character with 500 cumulative level.

server: Ruairi

Please let me know if there any guilds out there looking for a member. I do not do pvp just pet pvping only..

I was introduce to mabinogi in middle school by my otaku math teacher <3 that loved having us watch anime shows to turn the cool kids into otakus back then only humans was the only character yet that account got lost and I went back when elves were introduced and made an elf and got hack by rikku 675 and made another one by the same name and been on there since then she's a very old character with only 1500 cumulative leveling and is my main but I wanted to be a shammer of final hit like humans do. :D


  • YokotiYokoti
    Mabinogi Rep: 960
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    There's this guild is Ruairi called Jungfaha, I'm friends with the owner, Jungfaha. Maybe you could friend him and send a application.
  • KrukiaKrukia
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    It's pretty hard to avoid drama on mabi, gonna tell you that right now. Asking for "no drama" is like someone walking in the middle of Beijing without a mask and asking not to get air poisoning.
  • HarukariHarukari
    Mabinogi Rep: 7,870
    Posts: 802
    Krukia wrote: »
    It's pretty hard to avoid drama on mabi, gonna tell you that right now. Asking for "no drama" is like someone walking in the middle of Beijing without a mask and asking not to get air poisoning.

    I've avoided drama pretty well so far.
    It's not too hard to avoid it. So long as you have a small group of friends and don't stay on the market channel 24/7.
  • EMTchibiEMTchibi
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    Meowkins is a pretty fun and close guild. Most are college-uni age too, and active, although everyone totally understands when you can't be on or do things. Its pretty much drama free, although, if you do have problems, we're friends and will listen and be there for you, even if you do decide to join another guild :)
  • FloristFlorist
    Mabinogi Rep: 1,525
    Posts: 89
    Welcome back to Mabi! ♥
    Nine years is a long time, It's nice to see Vets back in action! You have alot of catching up to do. There's been so many changes recently, it feels. @_@!
    There's alot of great guilds still floating around, I'm unsure about whose the "most active", etc etc.. butheymyguildisrecruitinghehe;_;.
    I will agree with previous posts on the drama aspects. Drama is essentially unavoidable. Just have to do whats best for yourself!

    If you need any help, or just need a bum-buddy to hang out with, feel free to add me! :p IGN: Florist
  • NavinaNavina
    Mabinogi Rep: 300
    Posts: 5
    As I was a returning player myself a few months ago, I had the same problem. I ended up joining the Oddblock guild. Very welcoming guild that's open to pretty much everyone. We have events every Saturday night, so it's a very active guild.
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