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Support Shot Training Error

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edited April 11, 2017 in Bugs and Glitches
I reached Rank 5 Support Shot on my elf and I found the training requirement went wrong.


And this is the training requirement.


I realized the training requirement, which is use critical hit on powerful monsters did not count, but I tried it out on using critical hit on very powerful monsters and it actually did count as training.

I believe it was misinformation.

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  • NafrayuNafrayu
    Mabinogi Rep: 610
    Posts: 10
    If your CP went up (lvl.. stats...) and you were still on the same screen, the ennemy will still appear as Awful even if they should appear as Strong now with your higher CP....

    That might be why.
  • MizukoMizuko
    Mabinogi Rep: 3,020
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    It was Strong CP when I fought Zombie Soldiers and it oddly didn't count with the critical, but I tried out on Golem which is Awful CP and it did count.