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[FWD] Cai's Shoes

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edited August 17, 2017 in Forwarded Bugs
A) What is the issue? (It may also be necessary to explain Why it is considered an issue.)
The inventory image of the equipment Cai's Shoes do not match how they would appear if they are put on nor do they match in preview when equipped by the character.

B) What steps must be taken for us to recreate the issue?
Either to browse the housing board for Cai's Shoes or equip it when the item is on hand. Compare what is shown in the inventory (the 2-dimensional graphical image of the item in the character's, NPC's and shop's inventory) and what should appear when equipped or previewed prior the purchase.
I found mine in the housing board from someone selling the shoe and spotted the erroneous appearance of the inventory image.

C) What do you expect to happen instead?
Cai's Shoes should appear as such:
according to Mabinogi World Wiki

Visual evidence:
*Compare this with what is in the Mabinogi World Wiki article

*This is what appears in preview

-Ryuuri, Alexina server


  • BerryswirlBerryswirl
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    Jeez wdf LOL.

    That is weird and hilarious. Hopefully they notice the thread and fix it xD
  • VitolanVitolan
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    edited December 21, 2016
    Yeah, I've noticed this issue too (on Alexina). I guess it's been forgotten seeing as they've been like this for years now.
  • KatherzKatherz
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    This was forwarded a while ago, tagging post with [FWD].