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Hi, I'm new (Also, Looking for Guild Suggestions)

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edited May 15, 2017 in Guild and Party Recruitment
Hi. I just started the game about two weeks ago and I'm new to Mabinogi. I've been hearing about this game for years, but after watching some video reviews on YouTube, I finally decided to try it. Before this, I was playing Wildstar a lot. However, even though that game has an awesome combat system, cool lore, and gives me all kinds of Firefly nostalgia, it doesn't have good dungeon crawling, strong quest bosses, or a decent crafting system for gear. Mabi, I've found, has all of those things that Widstar lacks, plus it's not so hung up on that themepark MMO design philosophy of "Endgame is the Real Game" that causes devs to toss the players a half-baked early game with pre-max level "dungeons" (boss rush corridors, really) that you absolutely need a party for but no one ever runs because they're too busy speed-leveling. I can't tell you how happy I am that at every step of this game so far, there's never a lack of things to do and explore either solo or with a team.

And the combat, while not as frenetic as Wildstar's, is pretty satisfying as well. For me, I actually have an extra layer of challenge tacked on since my laptop's keyboard was designed in a way that I have to hold down an "FN" key all the way at the bottom of the keyboard to get to my F1-F12 keys (the primary functions of those keys have been assigned to things like volume, video/music playback controls, screen brightness for some foolish reason...) and the game won't let me remap the top row's keybindings, so I can only use my number keys for combat abilities. This makes putting together each ability set much more strategic, since I can only have 12 attack moves at a time per bar, and have to have both ranged and melee attacks to work with. I picked Fighter for my starting talent, so I got to start off the game (after getting to a certain point in the "Rush of Love" Fighter quest, anyway) with access to that sweet shoryuken uppercut move...I LOVE that move! XD And pulling off a combo one-shotting one enemy after another is just so dynamic and cool! And Fighter skills really seem to work well with either Magic or Alchemy for ranged attacks. Just lure enemies out of a big pack with a ranged attack, then switch to your knuckles and bammalam them good...I think I get too much joy out of that. But, the gamefeel for every branch of combat I've tried (martial arts, magic, alchemy, dual-wielding swords) is just off the hook.

The community of this game also seems better than on Wildstar. For instance, one time a few days ago, I was out practicing my magic against red bears out by the bard camp. I was pretty beaten up after a particularly tough brawl (one too many mistakes), and I was healing up by my campfire when another player passing by came over and helped me recover. That, along with people actually approaching and talking to each other practically never happens in Wildstar but it's happened to me quite a few times here, makes Mabi seem to be a whole lot friendlier. See, I'm usually quite shy starting any online game for the first time. But, when people actually approach me and chat with me, it helps me feel more comfortable bit by bit. I guess when people are friendly to me first, it's kind of like my brain goes, "Oh, so we're doing this now? O.K., they made a move, we can safely respond." Plus, they actually have a place to see a guild list here, while I still haven't found one on Wildstar. I've gotten guild invites over there...from people who haven't even said two words to me and probably only saw me in passing, like, once ever...but I can't just join a guild I know nothing about either socially or thematically.

Story-wise, so far I've gotten all the way to the G1 quest where I have to get the Back Orb. However, I failed my first time through because I couldn't handle that room full of gargoyles on my own (I only had my melee skills at the time, and me getting pwned like a scrub at that point was my cue to rebirth and start working on ranged skills). I've been soloing everything in that storyline up until that point, and the only content I know for a fact that I just can't beat alone (at this point, anyway) is Shadow Missions. Each one I've tried seems to have some mechanic or enemy that makes it impossible to complete all by myself. After I feel I've gotten far enough with my Battle Alchemy training, though, I'm definitely going back to finish that quest. With two good ranged skill sets and my Fighter abilities (and a few more cumulative levels under my belt), I think I should be able to handle the rest of G1 by myself...I think...

But, I am actually looking for a suitable guild to join too. Preferably, one that's newbie-friendly and full of players who are focused on exploring, dungeon crawling, and treasure hunting, because those are my favorite things to do in any RPG. I'm Akxsel (pronounced "Axel", but spelled weird for availability purposes) in-game, and I'm usually on after 3 p.m. Eastern time. I haven't had a regular channel I log onto, however, I'm thinking of just being on 7 every time since I found out it's apparently the server's main hotspot.

Thanks for enduring my rambling, and see you around. ^_^


  • YokkaichiYokkaichi
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    Nice to meet you!

    I'm glad to see you're having a lot of fun with this game! If you ever need help with that Black Orb dungeon from G1, or any other quests, feel free to add me as a friend or message me, I'll be more than happy to help! I'm Yokkaichi in game, the same as my forum name.

  • DanievictriaDanievictria
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    Yokkaichi wrote: »
    Nice to meet you!

    I'm glad to see you're having a lot of fun with this game! If you ever need help with that Black Orb dungeon from G1, or any other quests, feel free to add me as a friend or message me, I'll be more than happy to help! I'm Yokkaichi in game, the same as my forum name.

    Thank you. I'll add you to my friends list so we can keep in touch. ^_^
  • HawkleafHawkleaf
    Mabinogi Rep: 1,175
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    Hi there ^_^/

    It's nice to see others enjoying the game as well. If you need help with anything, I can help you out as well. My in game name is the same as my forum name but sometimes I'll also be on my alt, Fireleaf. Feel free to note me or add!
  • KedonoroKedonoro
    Mabinogi Rep: 665
    Posts: 4
    I'm glad to see another player have the same experience I had when I first touched this MMORPG. It was like finally stepping in the world you've been longing to touch for a fresh beginning. It's wonderful.

    You ever need a friend or any assistance with anything, I'm here!
    Welcome to the Tarlach Server of Mabinogi! I hope to see you in Erinn soon.
    In game name: Kedonoro
  • Dcat682Dcat682
    Mabinogi Rep: 880
    Posts: 31
    Welcome to Mabinogi! You’re not alone in the new crowd. A friend invited me to play a few weeks and the game’s been really fun. Except for when I get pinned into a corner by mob, and being horribly murdered due to lag, and needing to contact support five times so far this week… Anyhoo… This game is so much fun and the community is amazing, except for that guy who attempted to scam me out of new items… But there’s bad apples in every community. Regardless it’s been really fun. I’m glad you’re enjoying Mabinogi so far. One of the best descriptions of it I saw of Mabinogi was was actually a steam review. “1/10 - Too Much Content”.

    Your complaints about Wildstar I completely agree with. I was lucky enough to get into the beta of that game but had to stop after a little bit because I couldn’t get very into it.
    Combat sounds like a massive pain and a challenge for you. I’ve never tried remapping my keyboard layout for the computer but it combat gives you enough trouble you might want to look into attempting that.
    The community’s great. A complete 180 from games I’ve been playing (League of Legends and Overwatch). They’re so nice one of the first Commerce missions I was on with a friend we got attacked by Hardened bandits, well before we could handle them, and out of nowhere another player came up and Fireballed the bandits before moving on. It was amazing; I just wish he’d stayed to talk. But generally, if you’re hurt and a healer is present/paying attention to their game they’d just randomly heal you. If you need help with a quest or something and nobody’s online from your Friendslist I’ve even ran into Dunbarton asking for help with the end of the Generation 1 Questline and got a surplus of volunteers xD. It felt really weird needing to reject a few players when I was begging but we simply had too many people wanting to help for the quest hahaha.
    You mention a guild invite from someone who only said two words to you. Just a heads up if you AFK on channel 7 or just walk through Dunbarton you might get a guild invite. One of my friends got one there too talking about “please just my guild I’m lonely”. But that’s only one guild and I’ve never seen another guild to do that so… fair warning.
    Judging from how long ago you made this post originally I assume you’ve managed to get past that point in G1, but if you ever need help on any other quest or simply bored and want somebody to talk to feel free to add me “Dcat682” and send me a note. I know it might be just crazy and impossible to tell /s but I love to talk. Being able to solo is a good thing, but Mabinogi’s questline is set up in such a way that the Game Moderators expect you to team up with people. I can’t count the number of times The difficulty goes from 1 to 100 within the timespan of a mission only to fall back to 2 the next mission you’re on. If you level to the point where you can solo the hard missions the following missions will probably be boring to you.

    I’ve actually started a guild on Tarlach called Enomenos which translates to Unity in Greek. It’s more of a Friend circle type thing but we’re working out plans for daily events and Guild Games with cash prizes. I haven’t quite made it to those buss rush dungeons but if you can tell me more about them I’d love to add those runs to our dungeon events. The events are scheduled for Pacific Time (3 hours behind eastern) to keep with Mabinogi’s server schedule. The events aren’t set in stone yet but We’re planning for Guild Games, dungeon crawling, and Commerce. Although we won’t limit anything and will always be open to new event ideas and even normal members running their own event if no higher ups are online.
    I know it might be a little weird but I’ve sent you a friend invite just because this was fun to write up hahaha. If you decline my invite because a weirdo added you randomly and then you see this forum post feel free to add me. My username is “Dcat682”. I don’t have a schedule right now since I’m out of class but my summer courses will be starting in a week or two.
  • HakaichiHakaichi
    Mabinogi Rep: 400
    Posts: 3
    Like everyone else is saying, it's great to see a new player that's enjoying the game! I joined a long time ago and recently got back into playing the game a ton. I'm working on making a guild, currently I have just enough people to get one started out. Me and my friend are both around cumm. level 1700~ The guild is mainly going to be for helping new people get started into the game. I got some of my personal friends to join it and they've loved it so far too. I have one who's G1 and one who's about to get to G1. So if you want you could come join us and play! If you ever need help with anything I'm also usually down to help out as it gives me something to do.

    I have a discord server if you want to join!

    My Username in-game is Hakaichi, Feel free to hit me up!
  • AnalylyAnalyly
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    My laptop was the same way, i swapped it around though. So now i press FN and F1-12 keys for pc functions and mabi keys are just the F keys alone, try looking it up for your laptop if you want to make it easier.
    Also welcome to Tarlach, we're always happy to see a new person. I remember when i first started mabi, was basically my first online game.
    If you're looking for a friendly and social crowd, you're welcome to join our guild named Pikachus, we have an active discord and regularly do guild events and get together for other games we have in common.