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Change the Enchant system or rework it.

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Ok so i was going to make a luck suit and looked up some enchants and noticed the bandit ES is pretty good. Then i notice the requirements to activate the luck portion of the enchant. Rank 1 evasion. Rank 1 evasion isn't in the game. Is there plans to uncap evasion anytime soon? If there isn't can you please lower the requirements to rank 6 evasion? I don't understand why there are enchants in the game where requirements can't be met. Also why are the percents so low when the only way to protect gear is a 7 Dollar potion?
  1. Should the enchant system get a rework?11 votes
    1. Yes
       100% (11 votes)
    2. No
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  • FalskullFalskull
    Mabinogi Rep: 985
    Posts: 28
    i agree with your valid point on this but Enchanting for nexon is a money maker at the higher ranks but changing the requirements would be nice to some enchants since we cant not currently meet those reqs.
  • InfighterInfighter
    Mabinogi Rep: 925
    Posts: 38
    THey should revamp some enchant scrolls. I mean, there are r9-r3 enchants that to are useless to our actual game content, they're way outdated.

    Like why would you use an enchants ex r5 with just 5 hp and 10 will? See my point? Or even r3 enchants... that no one bothered using back in old mabi but they're still there and have low stats to even consider using.
  • AlshianAlshian
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    would be nice to see some new enchants that benefits life skills or heck, benefit combat skills.

    Boost smash, boost assault slash, boost defense, boost counterattack, boost gunner,ninja,archery,etc