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Tuned Instruments


  • LleuadLleuad
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    edited December 29, 2016
    Zerukan said:

    If you check the Bard Bulletin Board, if an instrument has a star next to it that means it's a tuned/festival version of that instrument. Then, when you play it's preview you'll hear what it'll sound like and its completely different.

    I'm not sure if Tuned Mandos and Festival Mandos are the same however, but Tuned instruments sound completely different from their normal counterparts. I guess is this is their entire overhaul of the music sound system aka tuned instruments.
    as far as I know, tuned mandolins don't exist, period.

    Someone compared "tuned flutes" to a "wind violin", in the way that it sounds -really- good for violin covers of songs. I enjoyed the comparison that we had for tuned whistle vs regular whistle too.

    But then there's the cello and the violin. There's no difference at all from tuned to regular violin, or from broken cello to tuned broken cello (or the differences are so light that my music retarded ears cannot listen to it).

    Which makes me think that maybe, the reason "cello" is broken, was because the "tuned" cello replaced the regular cello files (somehow). Likewise, instead of adding a new violin, they probably used the "regular" violin for both.

    Of course that's me hoping that the fix is simple, and not a complex issue...