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R>Shrine Guild

Mabinogi Rep: 700
Posts: 16
in Guild and Party Recruitment
Hello :D

Shrine Guild is recruiting!
We are a new guild looking for active members!
Both old and new players welcome!

We do lots of Shadow missions and on occasion dungeon runs! You can be lazy if you want tho c:
We have our own Royal alchemist :D (but we'll gladly welcome more)
The current members are also night owls so we are active during the day and late into the night!

In the coming month or so we plan on doing monthly activities with NX, gold and item prizes :D

We do ask for weekly Guild point donation!

Feel free to add Kouteki/Kouatsu or Kaizune if interested! or if you just wanna make a new friend :D


  • OkamiStarOkamiStar
    Mabinogi Rep: 700
    Posts: 16
    We bout to get our stone warp!

    Recruiting both old and new ! Join today or even if you just wanna new friend feel free to add :3
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