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Please make Dan slightly more easier

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edited September 10, 2017 in Feedback and Suggestions
Seriously... I'm at Dan 2 in a few and Dan 3 in others, two of which are Firebolt and Lightning bolt.. I barely get to 6k ( need 9k apparently ) before 00:10 seconds, Lightning I was managing until pretty much the golem, which just pings and makes it easier for it to slam you and take 20 / 60% of your life.. Especially the panicking rush of getting there in under a minute. I should also say I work very fast and I have tried many methods to this, I've probably spent over 340k in trying to dan firebolt alone.
  1. Do you think Dan needs to be tweaked with?24 votes
    1. Yes
       54% (13 votes)
    2. No
       8% (2 votes)
    3. Only for certain skills
       38% (9 votes)


  • FayeKaibaFayeKaiba
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    Dan tests were never suppose to be easy, infact they use to be alot harder and you had to wait to certain days of the month to take 1 test. I feel the way they are now is alot better because atleast you can try every single day and multiple times (if you fail) where as before if you failed you had to wait like...5 more days or so inorder to do one test.
  • UnpayedUnpayed
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    Agree on Easing up on some tests- Though it's more on the AI and the RNG. A friend had trouble with Assault Slash because he was Critting/One Hitting mobs to the point of almost failing.
    Had trouble with Fireball- Gave up after 3 tries after Fireball keeps missing the Crystal Golem. ON. Each. Fireball. Launch.

    And don't get me started on when mobs gets into Deadly.

    Otherwise, everything else seems fine- Though I just took Dan 1 tests so far.
  • SizeplaySizeplay
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    1 firebolt takes 1.5 seconds to load, assuming you have a fast working computer. The first monsters are grumbills, some are more resistant than others, but normal it takes 3 hits to kill 1, which are 4.5 seconds, there are about 7 spawns, so it would be about the equivalent of 31.5 seconds... This is assuming you're not hit or multi aggro'd, I usually end this stage with 3:53 or so. Destroying the crystals take another 10 seconds or so, God help you if you get the fire sprites which are more resistant to firebolt.. In which case it takes about 4 - 7 hits to bring them down? Assuming you don't crit, which makes it all the more easier.. The spawn rate is about the same, with over 73.5 seconds ( 1 minute and 13.5 seconds ), again, assuming you're not hit or aggro'd, reducing the time to about 2:35 seconds or so ( This is going accurately from what I've seen too ), again, smashing the crystals ( Dealing 2800 or so with each smash, usually takes 2 and 2 normal hits, or 1 if lucky crit )... Again, fire sprites or ice sprites, Giant Ice sprites have a possibility of spamming ice spear, has happened in a few occasions, taking the 2 giant sprites into consideration ( about 6-9 hits if one is finished with chaincast ) is about 79.5 ( 1 minute and 19.5 seconds ), reducing the time to 1:13 or so ( I usually get to 0:50 or if fortunately enough, the minute point ) And at this point you'd have 5300 points or so, how would you expect to land the remaining 3700 during this time? Even with firebolt spam which is effective on the golem, it still only gives about 150 - 100 points through each, 1.5 seconds + the requirement of 3700 would require a lot more time.. Also, my firebolt doesn't load in 1.5 seconds but about 3 instead, I'm sure I'm not the only one either, I hope this made sense since i'm rather exhausted.
  • HardmuscleHardmuscle
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    edited September 11, 2017
  • NinzerkerNinzerker
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    I've emptied my entire bank into trying to get Healing Dan 3

    Still don't have it
  • PannyaPannya
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    edited September 14, 2017
    all they have to do is increse the timer 1 min for localization, that all, nothing big, but i dont really expect anything good from the NA staff...
  • NinzerkerNinzerker
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    Pannya wrote: »
    all they have to do is increse the timer 1 min for localization, that all, nothing big, but i dont really expect anything good from the NA staff...

    The timer isn't the problem in Healing Dan at least.

    The ridiculously random AI is, the Gutsy Chick and Red Bear will simply stare at each other for upwards to 20 seconds at a time, and quite often one creature will dominate the other for either

    1) Bear repeatedly attacks Chick,
    Pro: You can get your points up to 9k-10k before timer runs out
    Con: Chick will not kill the Bear, and you lose the necessary 3k bonus to hit the required 12k SS ranking

    2) Chick pummels the Bear
    Pro: Almost guarantees the Chick will successfully kill the Bear
    Con: You're not scoring any points cause the Chick isn't taking damage

    Now as the timer is at 300 seconds currently,
    And you need 12,000 for a SS rank

    I've had the Chick kill the Bear with well more than a minute on the clock left (todays it was 1:34 remaining on timer)
    I've maxed out at 11200 when the bear goes ham on the chick and is nearly still full health at the end of the 300 seconds
    Neither of these allow for one to complete the task

    Easy Solutions:
    1) Default Points raise to 150, elimination of Emergency Healing Bonus. The objective of a Healer is to keep the fighter IN the fight, not dangling them on the edge of defeat! Should be focused on MP management instead of Prioritising the RNG to drop the fighter below 20%. In ANY other game, if you have a cleric with more than 50% MP remaining and your tank hits below 20% at any time that Cleric gets booted, because its a crap healer


    2) No Points for heals as all, but points based off TIME and Performance. If you're scoring and automatic Base 25 Points a second, with a +1 modifier for every 10% above 0, if you managed to keep the chick alive and at 90+ percent of health for the entire 300 seconds you should score over 11,000 points, and then it would rely on the Chick Finish Bonus to bump into SS


    3) In the description of the test itself it mentions a time bonus. Alluding to if the Chick finishes the Bear faster the bonus received will be greater. If every second left is worth 20 points, than times when you still have more than a minute left should add 1200 to score (In today's play the bonus would be 4880, which would be more than enough to have covered the 600 points I needed to SS rank but couldn't get because of staring contests)
  • RicciSantorumRicciSantorum
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    edited September 21, 2017
    I don't know if people have realized this or not, but my husband did not so I'll share something. You can tell what you will fight from the element swirling around at the bottom of the crystal. So, if you hit the ice one in the beginning, you will get the gremlins more susceptible to fire. The 2nd round... if you hit the ice one, you will get the ice sprites, third round is between fire and ice. During the second round, there is also a choice of the lightning sprites. Anyway, I have also spent several thousand gold trying to Dan 3 Firebolt. Something needs to be adjusted. Think the most I have gotten was 9600. Trying to get SS. Oh yea, there's 3 Ice sprites for Dan 2 to 3. Thanks for that. lol. You can sort of hide from them if you climb the stairs without the velvet ropes. Good luck!

    Also, I haven't tried this, but I was wondering about smashing and using assault slash on the first round of ice sprites. Maybe would be faster? Idk. I would forego points in the beginning to make it to the golem faster, where you get more points per hit and kill anyway.
  • ChaosShadowChaosShadow
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    Hardmuscle wrote: »

    I'm sorry, but do you ever think to try contributing to the topics you post on? Any time I see you posting in a thread, you're always making a witty comment that comes off as unfriendly, uncaring, or unhelpful to me.

    Just directing someone to a page that explains how to do in-game lag tests doesn't help someone who can't do anything about their lag due to net problems. Disabling Nagle and altering MTU only help so much, so don't even go there.

    I apologize if I seem to be taking your posts the wrong way, but I felt the need to say something.

    Anyway, to comment on topic, yes, the dan tests need to be made easier. It's hardly relevant that they used to be more difficult. Even if they were, it doesn't change the fact that some of these are still just plain unfair or based on RNG.

    The Healing Dan Test would be a fine example. The two AIs just aren't reliable enough to get the job done... I often end up with either too little points while the chick is strong enough to kill the bear, or just enough points, but the chick is too weak to kill the bear. It's absolutely ridiculous, and the fact that I've already spent at least a million gold attempting to get SS rank on this is incredibly upsetting.

    I would like to see that certain trouble tests like Magnum Shot, Assault Slash, and Healing be made easier, if not all of them. Making all of them easier would be more beneficial to those who don't have control over their lag issues, such as EU players, though.

    P.S. Sorry for the necro.