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♦ Art Shop ♦

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edited February 22, 2017 in Art Creations

lord help me these new forums are confusing

Hey so this is a Ruairi gold/item only shop b/c ive yet to set up my PP, I will in the near future...

My IGN is Lanbaoshi but keep in mind, if you try to contact me there, expect sporadic replies


if you want to view more samples



Prices are per character(so yes i do couples/groups~)
Fullbody: 6m

ill also take items so heres my wishlist
-Bunny Boxer Robe
-Reforges??? Credne's preferably atm
-crisis 20 unisex hat
(will add more things later)
(offer and we will discuss the price of the items for how many fb or waist)

I will only start drawing after ive received payment


Refs: please provide more than one, with different angles or something
Pose/expression: (i will take these as suggestions)
Payment: (all payment goes to Lanbaoshi @ Ruairi through mail, ill send a random item as a COD if youre paying by gold)


1. open
2. open
3. open
(slots are unlimited ^ ^)


Thanks for your time!!!