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Coming From The Knights Of Tir, Jan. 1st, 2017

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edited December 15, 2016 in Guild and Party Recruitment
I would like to thank all outgoing Knights as well as the exiting Knight Command Leader, Kiriaya. Kiri, you have done as well as any Guild Leader I've ever known. Those of us that remain will bring this back to your vision. You have my word.


  • KiriayaKiriaya
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    Thank you for the kind words, Suneku. I know that the guild will be in good hands. Just remember to treat them like family. It takes a different breed of person, I believe, to be in this type of guild. I think that is part of the reason it has experienced problems, yet those that remain loyal and helpful and kind are the ones that you can learn from, and those will in turn become your family.

    In my time as KCL I've made more than a few mistakes. You know what they are, as do likely so many others. I hope that everyone learns from them and that growth and change and repair are really possible. I believe that we can all grow, learn, embrace, forgive and change for the better. I hope that when I do return full time, I will see the changes we spoke about in full swing, and serving the community in an even larger capacity than before.
    Thank you again, for everything & I wish you all the best. I'll be in touch, as always.

    Yours, ever in service,

    Former Knight Command Leader
    The Knights of Tir
    Tarlach Server, Ch.2
  • SunekuSuneku
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    edited December 27, 2016
    Just wondering, why is the recruitment picture not showing?imageimage
  • KororeKorore
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    HTML is currently disabled, so you won't be seeing any pictures for now. It should be fixed soon.

    As a workaround, you'll just have to post the direct link to the picture.
  • SunekuSuneku
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    Thank you for the information, Korore.
  • ShakayaShakaya
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    Good luck with rebuilding, you guys! Capulet is still a proud ally and if you need any help feel free to ask me anything! :D
  • NinzerkerNinzerker
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    Until Nexon flips the switch to turn HTML back on

    Please follow these links: