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Selling/Buying List

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edited January 6, 2018 in Tarlach Marketplace
Buying List
Afternoon Tea Dress F - 10m //Please note me if your willing to sell for this price!!//

Selling list
Nothing has a set price;; Items will be mailed out upon being bought
IGN- Utakamo; please note me if you'd like to buy something

*Theatrical Troupe Boots F
*Eirawen's Tiara wig
*Odd Kitty Gloves F
*Swan Lake shoes
*Bear Shoes
*Braided Pigtail Wig with Charms
*Santa Helper's Hat
*Royal Crystal Wing Staff

Trading List - Free trade items will be mailed out
None right now

Selling but needs unlocked first- If you want to supply a trade unlock pot then tell me first; I can get a trade unlock pot whenever i have time so if your interested in buying these items tell me and i'll hold them for you
*Oversided Shirt (F)
*Ninja Anju's outfit
*New Semester School Uniform - F