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Baltane Squire Unit Cap???

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This video shows a user on the Mari server with a cap of 5/5 (+2). How is this possible, isn't it three? A little confused here :'(


  • IyasenuIyasenu
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    A long while back there was a Package Deal in the web shop:

    Golden Box of Delights.

    One of the packages was "Knights Golden Box of Delights", for 32,000 NX.
    This contained:
    1. Credne's Reforging Tool
    2. Refined Reforging Tool x 3
    3. Rebirth Potion
    4. Squire Recruitment Scroll
    5. Truth Note x 3
    6. Reunion Note x 3
    7. Training Completion Command Scroll x 3
    8. Special Skill Training Seal x 3
    9. Enchant Protection Potion
    10. Skill Reset Capsule
    11. Perfect Skill Reset Capsule

    The item of interest was the "Squire Recruitment Scroll" which increased the maximum squad size by 1.
    So to get to the maximum of 5, you'd have to use two of those scrolls.

    So far, that package deal back in 2016 seems to have been the only release of those scrolls at all.
    And even then, it would have cost $64 to get two of the packages for 2 of those scrolls.

    Maybe one day they'll put the scroll into the web shop as is, but as it stands now, unless someone has saved those scrolls for nearly two years, you're going to be stuck at the normal maximum squad size of 3.
  • SeddieSeddie
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    Okay, thanks a lot for your detailed answer. I appreciate it!